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  1. i see what i did wrong.. when the website had summer and winter parts to click on .. when i was on winter it still said preview but the date was for july.. my bad
  2. guess they took it off in the website change.. it was there this morning now its not lol... guess ya right its not happening
  3. website is saying they are doing a preview evening for winter.. in small writing though
  4. i cant seem to find the link on the store to buy my ticket for friday preview.. is it one of the ones you have to buy on the day
  5. i have emailed my app back.. happy to do all days.. showmasters been good to me.. only fair i help back. x
  6. awsome... very happy .... will she scream with every auto too. heheheh
  7. i was arkham city riddler... why miss adler,i do declare
  8. i did some thing silly this year. i had my hotel all booked at hanger lane and for a lugh i thought i would check the hotels in the area of oylimpa... just so happend a week before the event hilton was half price. so my wife and i stayed there... it was 2quid more then where i was staying.. and now i dont think sarah will stay anywhere else... damn my deal hunting..
  9. i was one of the arkham city riddlers justa shout out to the other riddlers there i tryed to meet you all and get a photo with ya.. i idid a pic with two harleys and one joer together.. they were all really nice and chatty.. so hi to you guys
  10. we saw him on sat.. and he was very pleasent.. he would sign a poster for £3 and make it personally.. and did a couple of photos for my wife... im not complaining over £3 i thourht that was fine.. not at all pushy..
  11. Awsome... We can do buddy cops poses.. Heh heh
  12. My arkham riddler is all done... Can't wait . Gonna be a good con.. Any one dressing fri
  13. hi ya i will be up for this.. im doing arkham city riddler on sat... cant wait first time ive ever done anything that wasnt spike from buffy that im happy with..
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