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  1. I had Ivy Wong's name written down on my list of autographs to get but I'm going on Friday, but I see she's down as attending for Sunday. Did I simply get the day wrong or has she changed days?
  2. Are you going to shave your beard off on Sunday?
  3. I'm going as Mei from Overwatch. I couldn't get a gun or robot because it was proving too expensive but I've got a robot stuffed toy which I'll attach to a backpack. I also need some costume glasses which I keep forgetting.
  4. This year me and my brother are going as Laurel & Hardy.
  5. Alicia Vikander !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I went as Lara Croft and my brother went as The Bride from Kill Bill on Sunday. Loads of people took our photos and I was wondering if you took a picture of either of us could you post them here? I'd love to see them.
  7. I've pre-purchased my tickets for the convention but I can't find on the website any link to purchase the car parking ticket. I'm sure it was possible to do this at previous events. Is it possible to pay for parking beforehand?
  8. At the top of my list is Tia Carrere for autograph and photoshoot. I'm surprised they're only £15 each actually, it seems a bit cheap for who she is.
  9. Okay, thank you. We're actually going in crossplay so we'll enter the toilets as guys and exit as Lara Croft and Kill Bill.
  10. Me and my brother are going to attend in cosplay this year but we are arriving by train and changing when we get to the event. Are there any changing rooms or are we going to have to change in the toilets.
  11. She was the main reason I was going, so I'm not going to bother now. *crying*
  12. I loved Craig Charles who said he loved my shirt.
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