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  1. Hmmm i could be snookered here at only 5 foot!! *runs off the re-evalulate the shoe situation*
  2. Just got to wait for my birthday and then payday then fingers crossed i will hopefully be able to get a silver - unless i can tap up a parental unit in the mean time for a loan!
  3. hush

    Ticket numbers

    You'll find people to make friends with - I've gone to cons on my own and come back with a pile of friends. Have done at other cons and met some of the coolist people - just got to remember to speak to people instead of smiling nervously at them!!
  4. Forum Name - Awfully Small Hugely Irritating (if someone knows how to change these - i would appreciate it - it really is annoying!) Real Name - Emily Age/Location - 29/Loughborough, Leics What Ticket have you got/getting? More than likely Silver....but would like gold Most wanted guest for Hallowhedon?? Luckily for me Jewel Staite Hotel? - Thistle Facebook/MySpace etc - http://www.facebook.com/#!/hushabyepie Chat Email (MSN, Yahoo, AIM etc) - Dont really use it Favourite Movie? To many to mention!! Favourite Other TV Show? Supernatural Favourite Music? Daughtry, Within Temptation, Adam Lambert, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Muse, 30 Seconds to Mars, Goo Goo Dolls Anything else we need to know? I travel alone!!!! Photo? Do i have to??
  5. hush

    Ticket numbers

    Got mine - Silver 32!! Excited but nervous as going on my own now and dont know anyone!!! Emily
  6. I have this stashed at the back of my wardrobe...never worn it, tempted to give it an outing......but i'm not sure about it!!!!
  7. hush


    Thanks for the advice David, its gratefully appreciated. Emily
  8. hush


    I did have a quick query with regards to Autographs. I was meant to be attending all weekend but now owing to something that has come up on the Sunday, i'm going to have to go home saturday. Having been to the past events with the same ticket type i know the chances are that there will be a couple of autographs i would normally get on the sunday, that i will now unable to get. So my question is if i leave my pass etc with my friends will they be able to get these for me when they get their own. Its not a problem if not but i thought i wouldnt hurt to ask. Sorry to be a pain!!
  9. I wanted to come as a mummy, like from monster movie, but when i told my friend who i'm coming with about this great plan, she refused to wrap me in bandages (she actually said loo roll) and she then added if i managed to do it by myself she would disown me!!! How rude!! To which i replied i thought she would look great in a giant teddy bear outfit!!! Looks like its back to the drawing board for me!!
  10. Yay for more Leicestershire People!!!!!
  11. Forum Name -Awfully Small Hugely Irritating (yeah because i couldnt think of anything any longer!!!) Real Name - Emily Age/Location - 28/Loughborough, Leics What Ticket have you got/getting? - Silver Most wanted guest for RH? - too many to choose from!! Hotel? - Hilton hopefully Facebook/MySpace etc - Facebook - Emily Berrington Chat Email (MSN, Yahoo, AIM etc) - hushabyeponies@hotmail.co.uk Favourite Movie? - Toss up between Jaws & The Lost Boys Favourite Other TV Show? - Firefly, Merlin, Torchwood, Primeval, Doctor Who Favourite Music? - anything Anything else we need to know? - i lack co-ordination of anykind and i can trip on a flat surface with ease!!!!!!!
  12. HAHAHAHAHA Lisa, i didnt know you'd relocated!! LOL................and why havent you got a tattoo saying "bite me Carlisle" Huh!! Emily X
  13. Sorry...... Ok i'm not so much debating about coming, as i really want to come to this, but with it being so far in advance, i'm still waiting for some dates for my competing to come through for next year.....and i will be there so long as they all dont clash!!!
  14. Another one here.....i'm still debating about coming or not, but i would probably be on my own as well if i did!
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