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  1. Zachary Levi! *nods* But Michael C Hall would also be cool. =x=
  2. Noooo! Never give up hope! *sigh* It would be most awesome though wouldn't it?? =x=
  3. LMAO! I was about to say... 1 a day?? never going to happen. I say as many episodes as you can fit in. Just dont forget to sleep... actually who needs sleep when you could me watching Merlin? Teehee. I heard something about Season 4 being delayed too, but then recently i read something about them working it out and it wasnt going to be effected too much. I will see if i can find where i read it and post the link. =x=
  4. i believe they start filming season 4 in April! YAY!!! =x=
  5. David!!! Talk about hitting the nail on the head! C3 was my first event and even though there was a massive chain events leading up to it, i woudlnt be where i am now without LOTR. Weird really! This is going to be exciting!!! =x=
  6. Thay are really awesome books! Well worth a read. And now they are making a movie so i reckon they could get even better! =x=
  7. They are set in a world where pretty much everything supernatural exists: Vampires, demons, werewolves, worlocks... the list goes on. But they are based around a group of shadow hunters that fight all the demons and stuff. But its a lot more complex... there are institutes around the world and councils. They call the werewolves and vampires downworlders and they dont like each other very much. At the very heart of the story is a girl named clary that unwittingly becomes involved in this world she didnt know existed while being stuck between two boys. A very cocky, almost arrogant but incr
  8. So i have been thinking about authors that would be cool for ET5 and i have to say my absolute favourite would be Cassandra Clare.... Have any of you read her books? Would you be interested in meeting her? I know they have a film coming out soon too. They have just cast the female lead so its probably going to be pretty popular. what do you think? =x=
  9. Me too me too! though i would prefer a con. *ponders the party themes* =x=
  10. Can i vote more than once?? Teehee! =x=
  11. MEEEERLIN!!! Love this show! I would love to see an event for it! It should totally be held in the banquet hall of a castle too!! lol. Im rewatching season 2 at the minute. Season 3 was frigging epic! So i cant wait to get the DVD and rewatch! Though saying that... they are still all on my sky box so... i could do that already! oh wells... MERLIN CON!!!! =x=
  12. Yuk! The only way it would be yuk is if you dont bath or shower. I dont know about you but i shower every day, so.... sparkly clean wrist band every morning!
  13. I LOVE wristbands! So much so that i am still wearing a PLASTIC one ive had since the middle of August. Thats 2 months! The only reason i will be taking it off is to replace it with my ET4 one. I reckon we should see how many people can keep their ET4 wristbands on until ET5! 4 months! i reckon i could manage that. =x=
  14. Happy birthday!! POA RULES!!!! =x=
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