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    Absentee Packs!

    Hi, I was at Hallowhedon 4 this past October and it's just been brought to my attention that at the screening of Once More With Feeling there were Band Candy bars handed out. We were present at the screening and didn't leave til after Doctor Horrible ended but were never given those bars. I would really love to have them though, feel it's a shame we've missed out on it because we simply didn't know it was available. Can I order one somewhere or is there some way I could still get one now?
  2. Sweet Release

    You know you're addicted to Buffy when....

    AND you know you're addicted to Buffy when you watch the credits of every episode just so you can say 'grrr arrgh' at the end! God... so guilty, to both...... My dad always wants to forward the theme, but noooo!!! You must play airguitar and headbang! And the Grr... Arrgh... yes, all whedon shows... must... see... grr... argh... You know you're addicted to Buffy when you start watching other shows because of characters or actors you've seen on Buffy (Doctor Who/Torchwood/Leverage 'n' so much moooore) Owowowow, I have a Cactus called Spike and my Strawberry plant's called Willow.... No other buffynamed pets. I had goldfish named Tosh and Owen from Torchwood heheheh xD
  3. Sweet Release

    upset...in a way.

    I reaaaaalllyy liked the parties this year. I had so much fun dancing. Usually I'd just sit down and be thoroughly bored... But there's a lot you can do to make your night fun either way :) Only thing I thought was a shame. I couldn't find the themes for Friday and Sunday night on the site before hand. So I didn't have a proper PJ with me, and I wasn't really sure what the sat theme was.... There wasn't all that much information about the parties beforehand. I still had a great time! :) Definitely will be there next year.
  4. Sweet Release

    Your TOP 6 guest lineup

    1. Christian Kane. 2. Sean Maher. 3. Nathan Fillion. 4. Adam Baldwin 5. Alexis Denisof 6. Fran Kranz. Well... these are my fave guys... but basically I like anyone who'll come though xD :) Just really really really! Christian Kane and Sean Maher..... They're my two favorites of the shows hehehehehe. And I'm a Massive Events loyalist. Have money for 1 convention a year. So last year missed Sean to Starfury and this year will miss Christian Kane to Starfury.... oh well... go ME xD I had such a good time this year, last year, and at the hub!!!! Looking forward to next year.
  5. Sweet Release

    hallowhedon 3

    Yes, I most likely will come. I watch and am a fan of everything and anything Whedon does. So though I have some favorites, it doesn't really matter who'll be there, I'll like 'em anyway! :)
  6. Sweet Release

    Hallowhedon 2 photos from GilesG Photography

    Hey, Awesome, the fifth one is me and my dad. Such a good picture :) Yaayyy, cool Thanks Had a lotta fun!
  7. Sweet Release

    Favourite Quotes

    I Love the one between Angel and Lindsey on Dead End! "What are you doin' here!" "Gee i don't know, saving your life?" "I don't need you to save my life!!" and so on... Youtube just love it!!! cracks me up every time
  8. Sweet Release

    Hallowhedon II - guest wishlist

    to me it doesn't really matter who'll come because i liked everyone on all shows... but i'd really really like to meet: Christian Kane, Adam Baldwin, Nathan Fillion and... Anthony Head was actually on top of all my wishlists... i mean... come on... Giles?! Who doesn't love GILES?! it'd be nice if Harry Groener would come next year, i had been looking quite forward to meeting him... Alexis and Alyson o' course... and err... well i like everyone Whedon-related.
  9. Sweet Release

    Stolen Mobile Phone

    sorry it was lost, i saw an earlier post of "Lost phone handed in" though my father and i found this blue folder with some stuff and even money in it after the saturday talks... we handed it in to M/E crew, hope it returned to it's rightful owner?
  10. Sweet Release

    Which series?

    I love all that's Whedon and i've only met James Marsters so far. i think all the shows have different things to them which make them good. to me it doesn't matter who comes, i'd want to meet whoever comes anyway :)
  11. Sweet Release

    The Once More With Feeling Song Game

    But you can make me feel
  12. Sweet Release

    How did you hear about Hallwhedon?

    Saw the flyer at The Hub (1) and checked out the massiveevents site later on
  13. Sweet Release

    A Night Out at the Tropicana!

    sure, i'm in xD (A)
  14. Sweet Release

    A Night Out at the Tropicana!

    well then i guess it could've been me. i don't know if there's lots of others talking about that. i told him that when i went for the autograph... he wrote bite me! on it
  15. Sweet Release

    A Night Out at the Tropicana!

    I really wouldn't know... seen an awful lot of people with white wings there if you know what i mean... so i can't be sure.