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  1. Thor was a brilliant movie will be great to meet Jaimie.
  2. Please bring back Summer Glau its been sometime since we last saw her in the UK. It would also be nice to see guests from Smallville, Star Trek, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, Nikita, Castle , Chuck, Dexter, Supernatural or any Joss Whedon show.
  3. I went on Sunday only and I would like to thank the crew especially when I had a photoshoot and a talk close together and I managed to do both thanks to the crew being helpful. The guests (I met Karl Urban, Chris Judge, Thomas Dekker, Gates Mcfadden, Adam Baldwin & Jane Badler) were excellent all very friendly and took time to chat, a pleasure to meet. My photos all came out really well and came back in good time. The new venue was good having a more space meant it was less crowded than some previous events. My only recommendation would be some chairs so people can have a sit down as the days can be long when you can't sit down or rest. Thanks to SM and the wonderful guests for a great day.
  4. Amazing guest, massive thank you and well done to SM for bring him over to see us. Look forward to next weekend.
  5. Really pleased Laura will still come over and see us soon, good to see the ticket will be valid for either day at EMS. My best wishes to Laura hope everything works out well.
  6. Normally when a guest cancels SM refund the photoshoots with a few days.
  7. Such a shame however I wish her and her family all the best and I hope she can still come over and meet us another time.
  8. Amazing Announcement I will have to go to Mk now this year.
  9. Some events announce a surprise guest at the event itself maybe SM/ ME are planning to do the same?
  10. Angel was the first Joss show I watched and is top of my list as the characters developed so well in Angel, and i found angel was strong from start to finish. Firefly / Serenity would be top of the my list if it had been around longer. Buffy is a great show however it was slow to start, didn't get going until season 2 and season 7 could have been better. Dollhouse had a good second season lots of story in just a few episodes.
  11. Will be so nice to see Jewel again, such a wonderful guest. Thanks SM/ME
  12. Please bring him to another event soon I was really looking forward to meeting Numer One
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