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  1. Blackviolett

    Registration letters

    I totally take my moan back. It was totally my fault as I've been emailing showmasters not collectormania (thanks to the man in the office lol). Yvie has been a true star and got straight back to me with the info I wanted for which I am greatful as shes super busy. Thanks again Yvie. Xs
  2. Blackviolett

    Registration letters

    I have spoken to someone at the office and they still had our old address despite me emailing twice and calling as well to change it when we moved house. So our reg letter has gone astray. We have checked our old address via the agent and it wasnt there. Im quite cross about it as now we dont know our ticket number and cant plan
  3. Blackviolett

    Hallowhedon 5 Schedule

    We have also have not received our reg letter. I have rung up and been told they cannot give me our ticket numbers over the phone as they have no idea where to obtain this info. Bit annoyed a we now have no clue what we will be doing until we get there and Ive always planned ahead Good schedule though :)
  4. Blackviolett

    Update your details!

    Hi Yvie, I have emailed 3 times now and called twice. We moved 24th August and still no one has confirmed that you got our change of address. We havent had our reg letter and i know you have been on holiday but we sent the first email over a month ago. Thanks, Rachel
  5. Blackviolett

    Sponsored Guest Announcement - ALEXIS DENISOF

    My partner makes me sit through all the credits and extras at the cinema. *yawn* I was just dropping off when I noticed Alexis Denisofs name and nearly leapt out of my seat!
  6. Blackviolett

    Hallowhedon 5 - thoughts on the new con 'set up'

    After Bitten3 we were dead set on not doing anymore SM events. However, after hearing the venue may be Birmingham for HW5 and that they may make it open to more horror and supernatural guests, we have decided we will probably go next year for sure. Great idea SM and has restored my faith a bit after hearing great reports about HW4 as well. :)
  7. Blackviolett

    Event Announcement: Saturday Night Entertainment

    Well thats just made my whole weekend! :) wooooohooooo.
  8. Blackviolett

    Count down to Bitten 3 (2012)

    4 wooooop !
  9. Blackviolett

    Song Requests for the DJ

    I agree. Cheese, anything 80s or rock for me but please make the dj a decent one!
  10. Blackviolett

    Registration Letters are on the way!

    Letter arrived yay
  11. Blackviolett

    Registration Letters are on the way!

    Thanks Yvie
  12. Blackviolett

    Count down to Bitten 3 (2012)

    11 !!
  13. Blackviolett

    Party Themes: Friday, Saturday & Sunday

    Nah theres no such thing as too much but if you do wear it we need to stick together as youre white and Im black :)
  14. Blackviolett

    Party Themes: Friday, Saturday & Sunday

    I have outfits for Fri and Sat all ready to go.
  15. Blackviolett

    The Guest List

    My disappointment isnt in the guests as such just in ME/SM letting us down slightly. Theyve had a whole year to get great guests sorted and decent themes and I dont feel its been worked to its full potential (again). However, I shall still enjoy it.