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  1. Nearly time. Hope I'm not disappointed.
  2. vampiric_kitten

    So who knows they are definately going.

    I'm def going, hotel is booked :)
  3. vampiric_kitten

    Meet-up Point/Group

    I'm on-call that weekend so can't go
  4. I second this But I hate surprises
  5. Can we have a tiny wee hint please????
  6. HIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNTTTTTT!!!!!! Um I mean pretty please
  7. You're mean making us wait that long . I do usually end up finding myself disappointed by the post though, they never tend to be anything I'm into.
  8. vampiric_kitten

    Norman Reedus Anyone?

    Oh my god yes yes yes yes yes!!!! Not holding out much hope though as I think he'll be filming
  9. vampiric_kitten

    Meet-up Point/Group

    Weekends are better for me but I'm booked up for the next 3
  10. vampiric_kitten

    Meet-up Point/Group

    Sounds like a good venue, easy enough to get to
  11. vampiric_kitten

    Latest guest announcement - JOHN LEESON

    Such a lovely man and always seems genuinely pleased to meet people :)
  12. vampiric_kitten

    Meet-up Point/Group

    Depends when/ where the meet ups are but sounds like a good idea