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  1. Nearly time. Hope I'm not disappointed.
  2. So who knows they are definately going.

    I'm def going, hotel is booked :)
  3. Meet-up Point/Group

    I'm on-call that weekend so can't go
  4. I second this But I hate surprises
  5. Can we have a tiny wee hint please????
  6. HIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNTTTTTT!!!!!! Um I mean pretty please
  7. You're mean making us wait that long . I do usually end up finding myself disappointed by the post though, they never tend to be anything I'm into.
  8. Norman Reedus Anyone?

    Oh my god yes yes yes yes yes!!!! Not holding out much hope though as I think he'll be filming
  9. Meet-up Point/Group

    Weekends are better for me but I'm booked up for the next 3
  10. Meet-up Point/Group

    Sounds like a good venue, easy enough to get to
  11. Latest guest announcement - JOHN LEESON

    Such a lovely man and always seems genuinely pleased to meet people :)
  12. Meet-up Point/Group

    Depends when/ where the meet ups are but sounds like a good idea