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  1. John Boyega and Daisy Ridley. £10! Before they get big
  2. The Captain America fan girl. On Sunday, bought from me on two occasions some captain America cards and goodies. Regrettably never got your name, but you said your friends name is Emma.
  3. I've met Bill twice and I find him to be a very very shy person. I mistook his quietness for rudeness but I'm sure that's not the case. He has a Mr Bean-esque shyness about him, where he will smile and nod. However, after talking about X Files for a few mins, and a mate of my loves the x files but didn't go to the event, I got Bill to record a video message for him which he was very much up for. As soon as I told him what to do and held the camera up, he completely changed and went all CSM!! To get a better experience from him, you just need to break him out if his shell a little, hard work yes. But the pay off was fantastic.
  4. Zach Quintos auto, can't see how 75 quid fits, he hasn't 'earned' that price tag when you compare to other legends you've had over the years that charged £20 to £35. Zach isn't legendary status and when you compare him to the other actors on the list he should be the £35 price mark. I have no interest in Karl urban but think he is charging far too much, most people have never heard of him, unless he's expecting judge dredd to be a box office smash hit which I doubt. Going back to your previous list I'd pay 30 quid easily for stan the man Lee. And for 75 quid I would get Christopher Lee. Whom is both legend and well known. Also Ian mcdiarmid has started signing more this year. He signed emperor photos this year which are on the star wars site for around 200 dollars. I think this is a first that he has actually started signing star wars stuff. Harrison Ford also did the same earlier this year.
  5. http://www.usatoday.com/life/comics/2010-1...nity08_ST_N.htm You guys are missing out on this exclusive comic strip called "Downtime" Check it out. Hopefully it will be released as a comic book next year.
  6. Great guests! And I agree the biggest in Europe. With the Entertainment part of it does this mean Michael Biehn will be promoting his new film The Victim which he and Jennifer are already heavily promoting online?
  7. FRANK WELKER! The Guy is an absolute legend in animated series. Though he'd be hard to get. He's always working!
  8. Its 30 years of Friday the 13th. In America a convention re-uniting every major cast member from all the films has been cancelled. Adrienne has invited fans to her house for a Q&A and to watch the original movie. She has also said she would love to do an event in London. But is unaware of our Collectormania/LFCC activities. So please could you ask her to an upcoming event.
  9. John Simm wont do these events. He's very reserved. But he will sign if you see him. (He's doing theatre in Sheffield this Autumn)
  10. Not yet, but he's already over doing rehearsals. I'll be going to the theatre for autographs. They're free!!
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