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  1. Thom Christopher (Hawk in Buck Rogers, Flightplan in Space Raiders)
  2. Last april I had an interview with Rick McCallum....afterwards he promised me a signed photo of him......and George Lucas. Guess what? FedEx delivered this today: To Dennis, Thanks for the interview, all the best, Rick To Dennis, George Lucas The ultimate sig!
  3. At almost every convention there are cancellations....nothing wrong with it as people can get sick for instance or have other reasons why they can't make it. It seems to me that every time someone cancels (I am talking about EVERY convention all over the world) they just say: "(name) can't make it", sometimes followed by "because he/she is (very brief explanation of just a few words)". Things like this can make people suspicious....like SithLord for instance. At dutch event where I was working we had this solution: one of our guests cancelled because he had been offered a role in a new movie. He sent a fax (signed) in which he explained it to the fans. We scanned this fax and posted it on the forum so everyone could see the cancellation was 'legit'. Using this method no one was 'flaming' us. They still were sad, but understood our position and that we could do nothing about it. Maybe all other events should use this method too?
  4. I have a handwritten letter from him which he wrote a few months ago....he says he did not play a TIE Fighter pilot.....but a Stormtrooper..... (and he did not sign my TIE Fighter pilot photo)
  5. 1. Carrie Fisher 2. Alan Oppenheimer 3. Simon Williamson
  6. True, there were 3: -the one I have -a OP pic with Luke & Leia in ANH -a studio shot with Luke, Han, Lando & Leia
  7. The crew will try and get you in as quick as possible. There will (like at G-Mex) be extra crew at the doors to deal with this issue. But there will be a small wait to double check the documents, it obviously won't be a quick as if you have the tickets. Yes you can join the pre-sales queue. If you can try and get a crew members attention as quickly as you can. There should be crew outside helping with queues. The quicker you bring it to their attention the quicker you'll get through. Again: thanks.....I'll be cheering for England on Saturday (match vs Portugal) and if England wins I'll get ya a pint!
  8. Short summary: Bought 2 tickets months ago. Live in the Netherlands. Will not be at home to sign when the mailman comes on thursday. Leaving for London on friday....very early. So; if I don't have 'em tomorrow......I will need to show my bankstatement + confirmation email (which I both have) TooTall: will the crew get me in fast? Or will it take sometime before I get the 'go ahead' to get inside? PLUS: Can I join the qeue for the pre-sale tickets?
  9. There has been a private signing with Lee; he was $ 100....when buying him from a dealer, he is also expensive...and more than 45 GBP The price isn't bad at all.....from a certain point of view. If they got Tarantino; I'd pay even more
  10. maybe at last he wasnt 45£ lol I would have gladly paid that for Dreyfuss!
  11. awesome guest.....but I think Dreyfuss was better.... not gonna get him though; reason is I already got his autograph (as Dooku)
  12. I sense........a tremor in the Force........IT WILL BE!!!!!
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