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  1. I believe and I may be wrong here but showmasters offer photos 'free' to people who don't have their items to be signed. They did at one point allow you to take a free table photo (unsigned) if you had your own photo but I believe they stopped that a few years ago. J
  2. Never gonna happen. Word is Daniels has a bee in his bonnet with showmasters, maybe true who knows. He seems to have a bee in his bonnet with most people lol. As for a photoshoot with both of them, unless your good with photoshop then you won't get it. J
  3. Save :) I always go with a budget and come home having spent more then I planned.
  4. Big horror fan myself and would love to see most of the above attend and many Friday 13th guests BUT apart from people like Robert Englund when showmasters do have horror guests over they are never very busy. I love seeing them but sadly I don't think we will ever see more then a few at the odd show.
  5. He was £15 in Cardiff last weekend. I was told it was a mistake on the website
  6. I don't think showmasters have the prints to sell but I may be wrong. I think the artists sell them themselves. Fon
  7. Plus Fraser has done a few shows in Wales over the last few years. I'm not a torchwood fan but having both Kai and Eye there makes sense. Plus as 1of2 has already said JRD wasn't at last years, but to be honest John is the type of guest that could come back every year and still have a line. Fon
  8. Fantastic jabba guest. There has to be a jabba photo shoot now :) any chance of Barclay???
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