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  1. I just want to say a big thank you to JayJay (Jason) for returning my autograph folder that I lost at comic con. It just amazed me that there are stil some good honist people still left and that someone actually gave it back rather than keeping it. Thanks Jason. Thats why I vote you the best froum member.
  2. Hope you both have some luck, its not a nice feeling when you lose something.
  3. I am so glad to hear that! Jason you are a star. Thank you so much for being honest. You have made my month. Thanks everyone else for your help.
  4. have emailed him, i hope it turns out ok to. i need a change in luck. thanks for your help.
  5. Saturday, it was in the car park put it down to get baby in car, folder was purple A4. 2 of the hell boy girl, one jake loyd, 1 from EDWARD FURLONG, 2 from SCOTT BAKULA, 1 from JOSH HERDMAN (this also had another autograph on from Collecttormania) and aome blank photos. God I hope you have it, it has been a well crap month for me could do with some good luck. Broke my foot this week so it can't get much worse.
  6. Called showmasters this morning they have not unloaded the van yet and don't have there team meeting till sunday, so got to buzz them back Monday. Have not called Earls court yet, will try that tomorrow. Thanks
  7. For reasons out of my control I ended up having to take my two young girls to Comic Con this year, as I guessed it would be hard trying to do everything I wanted to with them with me. But to top it off I ended up losing my Autograph folder containing every autograph I had got that day. I am pleading with any one who may have picked it up, it is a purple A4 plastic folder with 8 autographs in it and some photos I had brought from a stall. It had about £200 worth of bits in. Please please please anyone who may have picked it up if I could have it back that would be great. I spent 7 hours at the show only to lose everything I got.
  8. Sorry - What I don't understand is why any one with a gold pass would turn up before 9 seeing as they can get in to any queue without a VT and why anyone would worry what time they get in as long as its before 12. Personally when I get a gold pass I will not turn up till 9:00.
  9. Come on guys marks out of 10 (10 Being the best) How good do you think LFCC was?
  10. Really good surprisingly. As everyone one was getting marched through we went up and he liked the photos I had taken along for him to sign so he started talking about 3 of them so I had a great experience.
  11. I am gutted he did not go second guest I was looking forward to the most.
  12. Hi Can anyone from show masters tell us what happened to Brian Blessed and will he be coming again. Why did Graham Garden not turn up I only have 2 Goodies out of 3 on my Auto now!
  13. Well I have to admit I was one of the people who had a moan after the last collectormania but WHAT A SHOW LFCC WAS. We loved the layout, the venue, the crew, THE GUESTS, the atmosphere, the relaxed atmosphere, the way the guests were all together so you could get you VTs quickly, the way the pre booked tickets were handed out, did I say the GUESTS. As there had been a bit more publicity I thought the die hard fans of show masters may end up being effected by the newbies but even this did not happen, everything was great. Letting the pre paid guest's before the pay on the day Saturday was fair and I think this should always be the case. i.e 15 min's before. I had a blast meeting Patrick Stewart, Rick Yune, Charles Dance, JOHN HURT (oh my god), Pete Postlethwaite, Christopher Lloyd, Karen Allen, Brad Dourif & John Landis (He was so much fun) All I had to complain about when I came home was the guy I was stuck with in the queue this morning who drove me nuts and the girl who was handing out the VTs at the start of Brad Dourif's queue after 1. (She did nothing to me but did not seem to want to help anyone who had not been to a LFCC before which I thought was bad) As a woman I love a moan Ha Ha but I must say if this is all the bad stuff I have to say well roll on the next show - I CAN'T WAIT. My favourite dealers today were BIG SCREEN & The GENUINE ARTICLE. JASON Thank you so much it was a blast - The pumpkin shirt will have to come out again at the next show!!! This is the best show I have been to for ages, it was GREAT! How was everyone elses LFCC?
  14. I have an idea for the gold pass too. Like most Guys and girls me and my other half like different people. I love love love Ray Park and Jon wanted to meet anyone from Dr Who (Not my bag, Sorry Dr Who fans) so we each see different people. why not do a joint gold pass so I could meet who I want to see and Jon can see who he wants to see, like a family gold pass that we share so charge £220 and have two names on it????
  15. As I said when I started this thread I love all the showmasters events and know you must all go to such a big effort to get the event for us. I did not start it to squash anything you do. But I do feel that the stall area was hard to get around when looking at things to buy, the area to buy tickets and auto tickets and the lack of space to chill now the front side is used for the photo shoots there is alot less room to relax and enjoy the event with ease. The buggy and wheel chair issue is a big deal for alot of people. I will keep going to all the showmasters shows until such time as I need another set of teeth. But aswell as all the positves this forum should be used for ideas too. It May be it is just a case of laying it out different or MK letting us have a few more aisles.
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