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  1. Anyone meet her? I went on saturday and haven't seen any pics of people with her? was she even there? :s
  2. I've been going to these type of events for years but i have to say metting Kate Bracken (from being human) today was the best experience i've ever had meeting a guest, She was so friendly and actually took the time to speak to me and geniuenely seemed liked she had time for her fans (she asked me how my weekend was going and stuff). Got a good picture with her and a great personalised 8x10, brilliant! Thanks showmasters for such a great guest!
  3. Don't think we have any worries peeps *touch wood*, check out her twitter, she name dropped it and said shes gonna be there! Roll on saturday! :D:D
  4. Don't think we have any worries peeps *touch wood*, check out her twitter, she name dropped it and said shes gonna be there! Roll on saturday! :D:D
  5. I really hope not, been waiting YEARS to meet her! I keep checking on here everyday just to make sure she doen't cancel....shes pretty much the only guest i'm meeting.
  6. Saw in the Karl Urban announcement thread that they said he and 'other stars for the film' will be doing a talk, does this mean theres more to come?. Come on showmasters, go big time and get Olivia Thrilby.....then i'll be yours forever LOL
  7. I know no one with any authority proberly reads this but someone who knows someone might so i suggest YASMIN PAIGE!!! She'd be a perfect guest! join me brothers and sisters and make it happen!
  8. I seem to have seen peoples of photos of everyone but her? did anyone get one with her?
  9. Wow Rhianydd, thats a great photo. Shes even fitter than her sister (the one from mirrormask) I wish i went on saturday and met her, even if i don't know who she plays in potter, whats her 'big scene'?
  10. I saw this girl in an issue of SFX in the same cosplay and then saw this pic in the photo thread. I'm not a perv or something its just she looks really familair and i have the feeling i know her from somewhere........that and i'm totally a perv LOL
  11. I just spotted her in someones photos of the talks. I demand to see more peoples pics! I looked on the main site and then googled her and saw she was from harry potter! WTF? I've never seen her in there, think i'd remember her. Gorgeoussssss
  12. I normally don't like when peeps ask for another guest in a guest announcement thread but just imagine who great it would be is Russell was there and you could get a group shot! Ohhh the wonders of a show with a 3 person primary cast!
  13. I only buy the sun myself on fridays cause of the entetainment section. I couldn't believe it when i saw the article as i was reading it at lunch (mainly cause it was nearly a week ago lol). It was very similar to when the did the piece on musicmania, as in they just seemed like the wanted to hate it, so ended up being negative about everything even the points they obviously thought were good. They even slate the Olympia as 'outdated', I mean WTF? lol. Just out of curiousity, are any of the attendees named on the forum?
  14. I said to my brother on the way in how its great seeing such a variety of people now attending shows like this. I think with movies like Twilight and alot of genre shows like LOST and True Blood now doing big business on tv its not really considered 'geeky' to like sci-fi and attend conventions anymore. Fact is almost everyone watches some sort of genre TV or movies and almost anyone who loves a certain show/movie would want to meet the stars if they knew they could. Also, Showmasters always have a wide range of guests so it doesn't cater to such a 'cult' market.
  15. My god, Pardon my bluntness but Heavenly is surly too gorgeous to be a sci-fi/movie fan. I noticed her at LFACC and thought she was a celeb!. Maybe its just me but every girl i know that would even consider going to a con looks more masculine than me LOL. Either its different in France or i'm just speaking to the wrong people Woah, you actually look like two different people in these photos. Good disguise if ever you need it LOL
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