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  1. It's only been a couple of days. It's also very possible that they are not in the shop yet because he's still waiting for photo approval.
  2. I don't have any more info than our Twitter People I'm afraid. Same Thing as for Cardiff I am afraid: any new Dates will be confirmed once they are set. No News means Nothing confirmed.
  3. That's what you get for trying to be nice and type on the phone while Walking.
  4. I've encountered it like three times only myself. Once in Los Angeles where funny enough my American friends were asked to pay while me the obvious tourist was not asked. Once was in Germany while a huge event was on and the third time was in London near Earls Court.
  5. You mean I actually picked something up on German TV with the animatef TV series? Lol I have someone. Go!
  6. Did your Franchise later return on the TV screen?
  7. Sorry, it seems the Office indeed forgot to put this up as a rescheduling when they put up the summer announcement. Usually when a guest gets moved to a Show that is so close they handle it this way.
  8. I can't judge London prices, but considering Los Angeles Hotels wanted 5 quid maximum 20 seem steep to me.
  9. Sorry, but I can't give you more than the General "as soon as possible" answer. Even if they are done today your bank may Play with the refund for a while.
  10. That would be my guess as well, but I will try to get it confirmed tomorrow. EDIT: Sorry - like a confirmation tomorrow would have helped you. ><
  11. If Snoopy wasn't Charlie Brown's Dog I could swear you are talking Peanuts.
  12. I dropped you a line to your Forum E-Mail address, but that message came back as undeliverable. Message as been forwarded. Unfortunately I can't Change anything on the sites, I can only confirm that I get the same error when I try.
  13. That was who I was aiming at, but I don't think he's over 50.
  14. EDIT: Next time please try the contact form on the website. You had issues with e-mails before, and now again. Jason just replied to me that your e-mail has not got through. The missing Film Fair guests will be added shortly.
  15. Please feel free to use the contact form on site. I can only contact Jason by e-mail too. For everyone new here, I am a volunteer, not in the SM office and can not access the pre-order site, the websites or Eventbrite to fix things. I can only forward questions. If Jason sees the demand is there from customers directly that will help much more than me going on by e-mail "hey, can you upload Ann Jackson please?"
  16. Ken wasn't even announced when the Robert Diamond Pass went on sale. As the others have said, you get the single Robert photo shoot without Makeup or costume. Knowing him he will bring a glove, but that's the max. If you want the double shoot you Need to buy it separately, and you can't upgrade the single from the Diamond Pass.
  17. Our gremlins never made much sense. I'll see what I can confirm.
  18. Torches? What are you talking about? *kicks wooden objects under couch*
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