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  1. https://www.whatsonstage.com/london-theatre/news/immersive-doctor-who-west-end-experience_52219.html?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=18august2020
  2. Well, I will just add a caution to this bit as it depends on how well it's done. I've seen photo's of a shoot at a recent US con that had a screen and it was very visible. But as PCF says unfortunately we don't know. Showmasters did say they had a plan for the shoot which they would test run and would share with us but that hasn't happened. Unfortunately we will only know when they make an official statement about it, and they aren't going to comment unless it's in an official statement.
  3. No, he seemed to be in a mood as he was a bit hoff.
  4. Well I can't spend it all on wool and strippers.
  5. Graham McTavish Cobie Smulders Andy Serkis Daniel Kaluuya T Tessa Thompson
  6. Better late than never, it's a lovely film
  7. Hi Chewer, they will post when they have anything to add so pretty much unless they say otherwise it's still on, but they won't comment other than that. If they have an official statement to make they will post it as soon as they can.
  8. Bet that took you as long as it took me to reply
  9. "Your Nate 2000 unit is currently unavailable as he is going through a mandatory reset. He should be back online shortly"
  10. Get Netflix and you can see Mads's butt in Polar.....
  11. I think everyone's watched it on Netflix. The simple answer is to get Netflix. but yeah, it they've removed it, they suck
  12. The tickets tab on the site works for me https://www.londonfilmandcomiccon.com/
  13. Yay well done Starbuck, again it's the best reason ever not to come (you probably won't be missing anything anyway with the second wave coming) ! Take care of yourself and those 3 months will be over before you know it.
  14. Bear in mind mine are functional rather than decorative so not what you are looking for but at least you can see what they look like The inside of the LGC archive box The pictures underneath wrapped in tissue paper Standard ringbinder with Timecare pages And a Collectors album With Ultra Pro pages If you buy the binder and pages from the same place they should be fine but it's worth noting if you mix and match they may not. The Timecare pages do not fit in the Collector album as it's a 3 ring binder, but they do fit in a standard 2 ring
  15. I'll try and take some pics of mine later for you but in general they are in folders in either Ultra pro pages or ones from Conservation by design. A lot of people swear by Itoya folders which aren't cheap. https://www.cxdinternational.com/ supplies museum quality stuff, if you search for 'ring' (for ring binders) 'pages' 'A4' ect and 'timecare' https://www.cxdinternational.com/enclosures/transparent-album-pages/timecare-polyester-album-pages-a4-pytcrp7609?returnurl=%2fextendedsearch%3fq%3dtimecare%26count%3d60 it should give you a few options. A friend board backs his as well but I
  16. I'm glad it wasn't just me that thought that. I did like Rachael in it and I didn't have any issue with the relationship between her and Will but I do agree the euro contestants number, whilst enjoyable felt like a music video dropped into the middle of the film, which essentially it was. I also think the second half of Demi Lovatto's characters purpose in the film was very unnecessary and could have been cut.
  17. OK then. Insert witty and clever comeback
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