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  1. Got that for Christmas.... Very moving book!! I'm currently reading.....Supernatural.... war of the sons
  2. same here........ jeans, t/shirt and my Bridgestone motorsports shirt
  3. LOL!! and it has been a while!!!!!!
  4. Oooo Anne Rice.... I've read everything she's ever written!! I love her books!! I even went to New Orleans to see some of the places mentioned in the books!! Got pictures of her old house, which is the setting for The witches books. Garden District... beautiful place!
  5. I really enjoyed the Bree Tanner book!!!
  6. Just read the Short second life of bree tanner. Fabulous read!!!
  7. Not got a film in my dvd player, but got my fave tv show... Oz!!
  8. titch

    Your favourites?

    I love The Outsiders!! Loved the film too!!!
  9. titch

    Your favourites?

    I love Anne Rice!! Read the vampire chronicles loads of times!!! just re- reading The Queen of the Damned.
  10. Rooms are blocked booked by massive events so they're only availale direct from the hotel. The 'Fully booked' is if you try online, as the rooms not on the block have all gone. Hope that clears the confusion
  11. You need a number ..... 23: BRACKMILLS - TOWN CENTRE Via Pavilion Drive, Bedford Road they're about every 20 mins mon - fri thanks., any during the weekend? Can't find buses for saturday but found a number you could try.... 01604 236 236
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