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  1. If all goes to plan... Im doing Harley Quinn (AC) and my friends doing the Joker. :)
  2. Hate to say it but agree with everyone else. Guest announcements make ticket sales. For example Im pretty sure ticket sales have rocketed since Peter was announced for LFCC. Would have loved to do this event to Jed wasn't a big enough draw for the money. Was waiting on further announcements to make a decision which sadly never came.
  3. 2nd time meeting her. I love her to bits. Always a laugh is Miss Tena and a complete nutcase to.
  4. This man is my future husband. I have decided this. Asked for my first ever celebrity kiss of this man. This is all that has to be said on the matter.
  5. Met Danny to. We had a nice chat about Doghouse. Then shook both mine and my sisters hands. Lovely bloke.
  6. Sean Astin (My 3rd Hobbit, Just Lija to get) Nat Tena (For the second time but I love her) Lena Shane Williams (Nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnonm) My sisters is doing Nat and Sean.
  7. Wouldnt put it past showmasters to be brewing up a guest. They usually come out tops.
  8. If they can YES YES YES!! They all have a memory and remind me of what we chatted about and its more personal. There priceless to me.
  9. Not as big as LFCC but plenty to see and doooo. And if bored pop into MK? Plenty of shops... mehbeh.. I duno.. Never been to MK before... (Did collectormaina the year they did it in London)
  10. Im not agaisnt them coming. The whole secret things a good idea. I would be put of by the legion of pubescent teenage screaming girls flinging themselves in robs general direction. The smell of hormones and pubity would make me gag.
  11. Doing Sean but as hes all 3 days not to worried. Other guests to but Sean is the main one.
  12. Ok Ive done about 8 cons with showmasters before and knw the drill pretty well. However with the free entery its kinda thrown me. How early should I get there to start queing. Usually I am for and hour - hour and a half before hand so what the plan and how will it work? And how early is every one getting there? Thank you!
  13. Im only there on Sunday! But defo photo op!! Just got my bag yesterday! >.<
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