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  1. Government or aliens, I don't mind which. As long as sawyer keeps taking his shirt off, then I'm a happy girlie.
  2. Mine is still Sawyer, cos he still has the best body..
  3. I'm scared...... There are sooooo many freaks in here. Where is everyone?? HHHeeeellllpppppppp mmeeeeeeee......
  4. Blimey, is everyone dead???
  5. I have seen up to episode 7, series 2 so far. God I'm loving it. But I ain't gonna spoil it for everyone else I'm afraid.....
  6. Josh Holloway, With no clothes on if possible, haha...
  7. Spellings pretty crap too good to see you Bex....(although i'm not really seeing you, just a message you left days ago.......................) 916521[/snapback] Must have been proper pissed that day, lmfao... yeah, can't really be arsed at the moment. Every time I come on here, it bores the pants off of me. No one has fun anymore, it's all too serious, and there are too many celeb stalkers.....
  8. jackie stallone... just her is funny enough. 908918[/snapback] "OMG Jackie" "Yeah, Jackie" "OMG it's Sylvester's Mom" "Yeah, I'm Jackie" "OMG" "Jackie" Etc etc. Brilliant! What nightmares are made of 908921[/snapback] Last year was great, this year turns me off, what a bunch of W**kers!!!! Love you Theo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  9. My god It's gone dry in here.... It's a big thing when I'm the only one posting. Cos I only come here when I remember, and my memnory is S*hte.. Love to you all. xx
  10. *Dusts Forum* Blimey, It's quiet in here......
  11. Buff seems to have just left the planet!? Myself and Nicky have not seen him since middle of last year? Anyone know what happened to him? 891587[/snapback] You lot make me laugh, not been on in ages as ive been busy at work, not been on the forum for what seems like years but in reality months. I dont have much time for shows anymore as my weekends are more preciuos to me as im away mostly in the week now. Sorry couldnt make the last show, but my Verona flight got in too late on the Friday and I was too Knacked to show up on the Saturday, I would have been in no fit state to party on the Sat night and would have been a miserable git. I hope someday that we can all hook up for a mega party, p1$$ take and laugh. Keep in touch though as I would love to hear from you guys. Hope you all are well, keep things alive guys and I will see you soon. BuFF 898247[/snapback] What is this???? Lets see how many different names we can have in 1 year!!!! Your confusing me.....
  12. I love carrots. 8/10 If they are organic, I will give them a big juicy 10/10. Goats cheese.
  13. Well thought I would invite you all anyway. Then you can't have a go at me... Will be in sunny Nunny Nicky.
  14. don't know mate - I just stick a bit of crap around the forum now and again.... Anyway - the wife gave birth to my second kid on thursday night so I better go off and change a nappy Take care buddy - good to see you around here 885974[/snapback] Oh yay another mad baby. Love and kisses to all your family. xx
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