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  1. Any boxing guest will be great!! Hatton, Calzaghe, Witter, Benn, Eubank, Maccarinelli, etc, etc... Pretty please!
  2. Saw you on Friday big man, but you stayed behind the guests table so did not get a chance to say hello. Maybe next year, or another show later in the year Take care mate
  3. Asked him if there would be any more Aliens - he said that Sigouney (sp?) keeps banging on about it, but he didn't know. I then asked if he was offered a part would he do it, he said sure, but wondered how they would kill him this time round. Great guy and great guest
  4. Always willing to help out, i have said on the board before if there is anyone specific anyone wants who will be at a premiere or in theatre all u gotta do is send me a pm. thanks mate will talk soon
  5. Hey buddy Hoping to be at C10 on the Friday, and maybe the sunday, i'll look out for you and say hi
  6. I know! Maybe i should just keep it for whenever Tom is around? You making me feel guilty Jon Don't feel guilty buddy Will talk at C10, but you keeping it actually sounds like a good idea ( as long as you are alright with that?)
  7. Is this because I owe you £5 and a Tom Cruise 8x10? lol, I am so useless it has been like 4 months and I still aint sent it back to you. Hopefully see ya at c10 anyway. I'd actually forgotten about that mate, if I don't see you at C10 then i'll send you a different address to last time!.
  8. Didn't this all happen a long time ago...............
  9. You had to dip right into the pits of time to get this back! Give us adolph please SM's
  10. Ban him now, just for a week, just for comedy value Glad you can get back on mate
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