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  1. Liselle

    Rate the food above

    6/10 risotto rice and worcester sauce
  2. Liselle

    If You Know What I Mean

    This is a quite an easy game to play. If you add the words: 'If you know what I mean' to the end of every comment it becomes very innuendoish sounding. so the rules are: 1. write any random comment and add 'If you know what I mean' to the end of it 2. The comment must be innocent one to start with. This may be hard for some of you, but try it XD this is also fun with well known quotes such as 'I'll be back', if you know what i mean. ok then, I start. I have no more chocolate, if you know what I mean ...GO!
  3. Liselle

    Now you have seen Voldemort on screen...

    He wasn't classy enough for me, in the books his behaviour although evil comes across as more measured and calculated whereas I thought in the movie everything about him and his movements seemed to be so rash and therefore didn't make him appear so powerful as he seemed more like cape swirling madman. But they certainly made him look like I thought he would
  4. Liselle

    Happy Birthday Alx!

  5. Liselle

    Miranda Ott

    oh don't make me hope. It would be good if they did though
  6. Liselle

    Harry Potter the dance show

    lol i know i love it, i can't stop singing 'I need a heeeerooooo'
  7. Liselle

    What does your name mean?

    Louise fights with honor
  8. Liselle

    Harry Potter the dance show

    Hogwarts Dance Team listen to all the fan girls when Draco appears
  9. Liselle

    They're taking the hobbits to Isengard!

    oooh it's sooooo..... *plays it on repeat*
  10. Liselle


    now that is clever!! *faints*
  11. Liselle

    ABC Forum names

  12. Liselle


    A* - Art, English Lit, English Lang A - French, History, Double Award Science, Ict B - Maths one of my friends got 9 A* but all she could do was complain about only getting an A in Latin
  13. Liselle

    It's my prom night!

    It's my prom tonight too
  14. Liselle

    Forum Game - Who Your Findin

    lol this will be good, the person who I'm looking for is finding me as well