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  1. Amazing !!! Excellent guest!
  2. Bentayuk

    latest Guest Announcement - Robert Englund

    Awesome! Met him last year at MK, but defo want to meet him again! Please now try to get Heather langenkamp, and Lisa Wilcox too !!
  3. Bentayuk

    jennifer connoly

    +1 for Jennifer !!!
  4. Bentayuk

    Shawnee Smith?

    She'd be a cool guest, though I have this weird feeling she was at LFCC last year and I managed to miss her......
  5. Bentayuk

    Latest Guest Announcement - Nigel Benn

    Awesome, my fave boxer growing up!
  6. Bentayuk

    Guest suggestions

    Ditto, plus Jo Chen (Buffy comic book artist) Pleeeeease!
  7. I just saw you outside Watford Junction!
  8. Bentayuk

    Your craziest moment at LFCC

    HAHAHAHAHA, thats awesome! Did you not even speak to him? Hiya, talking to him ... not at the photoshoot, although orange_warrior and I are of the opinion that he said something along the lines of" that is awesome!" I thought it was after the shoot, orange_warrior thinks it was when we came ushering in... but he definitely liked the general idea he was definitely fun - we pulled the same stunt with Adam Baldwin, who was a bit ... dunno, unhappy ... overwhelmed ... flustered ... not the same, simply not the same ... Yeah, I've heard Adam Baldwin was a mixed bag. I'm a big fan of his, but decided against meeting him, as he didnt seem very approachable when I was there. But, I've also heard he was great at other times. Next time for me, i guess!
  9. Bentayuk

    10 Guests...

    1. Kurtwood Smith 2. Peter Weller 3. Amber Benson 4. Lisa Wilcox 5. Kirsty Sawnson can't be bothered thinking of anymore.....
  10. Bentayuk

    Brent Spiner

    Please get him and Jonathan Frakes! I didn't meet him at LFCC last year, and I've regretted it ever since, plus Frakes cancelled this years LFCC, so it would be fantastic to finally see them !!
  11. Bentayuk

    Jo Chen

    Can we please look into getting Jo Chen (Buffy S8 Cover Artist) as a guest...... PLEEEEEEEEASE.
  12. Bentayuk

    Your craziest moment at LFCC

    HAHAHAHAHA, thats awesome! Did you not even speak to him?
  13. Bentayuk

    Sci-Fi/TV Show Themed Band?

    hhmmmmmmm, star wars and star trek themes in a 5 piece band..... That could be interesting. If you can think of any more, then please post 'em up!
  14. Bentayuk

    Scott Bakula signing

    Coolio, happy to hear it! Also, if Dean Stockwell was there too, I'd be over the moooooooooooooon !!