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  1. I had a General Lee for my wedding car! I found the company through Showmasters so it might be the same car! But it did have the flag on it!!
  2. I have a Diamond Pass for Pamela Anderson and Tom Wilson and am only attending on the Sunday. I have seen that the Tom Wilson Tombstone photoshoot clashes with the Pamela Anderson talk. (Tom Wilson Tombstone Photoshoot 2.20pm - 2.35pm and PA talk 2.10 to 2.55) Am I right in saying I simply have to pick one of them to miss and I cannot change the Tom Wilson photo to a different one such as the stand alone picture with him which is at 1.40 to 2.05?
  3. Can I just check... I have a YALC ticket for tomorrow so does that mean I q to get in with the gold people? Cheers
  4. You are correct. It is only available Fri and Sunday Well I am not sure that is very good at all. I have a MJF Diamond pass and in the description in the shop it says:- 1 x Photo Opportunity of you with Doc Brown's Tombstone. (Can be taken Friday, Saturday or Sunday) I am only there on the Saturday. If I had known that it was only available on the Friday and Sunday I would have made arrangements to be there on one of those days, but I cant now as Im working on Friday and its sold out on the Sunday.
  5. Is it me or is there no tombstone Photoshoot on the Saturday in the schedule?!
  6. It seems that the distribution of these Diamond passes is all over the place, some people have received them, some haven't, some only some of them. Me for example, I have ordered SW, MJF and BP. I have received all but SW and am now told I have to collect it on the day. It's all well and good telling people not to panic, but then it is only natural for people to be concerned when they pay out a lot of money and do not receive the items, and furthermore told they have to collect them at the event and there doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason as to why some people have them and some don't. Overall, whilst it's only really a minor issue it will (and has) create a negative view for the people who have not received their pass especially those that ordered some time ago. It is pretty poor that it has come to this, it's not exactly rocket science to post out some passes. I just hope that this is not a reflection of how the organisation of the actual event will be. I have confidence it will be good, but this very poor show with the diamond pass distribution doesn't look good.
  7. Hi I have 3 Diamond Passes for this event and they all come with nice extras such as Art Prints, T-Shirts etc. My question is where do we collect these items from? Is there a stall somewhere within the show which you can go and collect your 'Goody Bag' from? thanks in advance D
  8. MJFs signing starts at 11am, so you can either talk to the crew and they will get you through quicker. Or you can go for the autograph on Sunday. Thanks Too Tall - I was just worried I wouldnt make it over as Im sure many people will be in the same boat. Im not there on the Sunday - thinking of coming up on the Friday to get MJ Fox's auto then I havent got to worry about the clash - What do you think?
  9. The Aliens talk at the same time MJ Fox is doing his signing - Good one!! What a waste of money that was - I will have to miss the Aliens talk now. Gutted doesnt even come close.
  10. Hi How long do people think Bill Paxton's autograph queue will be? I am trying to decide if I should buy the Diamond Pass for him? Of all the Diamond Passes, Bill Paxton's offers the least value for money in my opinion however I would be purchasing it for the guarantee and queue jumping that comes with it. Its basically an extra £105 on top of the cost of 1 auto and 1 photoshoot. I cant go to the talk as im not there on the Sunday (I am attending Saturday) and the other inclusions don't interest me. I have a lot of people I want to meet and Im wondering if it is worth paying an extra £105 to save the time and also the rush there will be to get VQ tickets for his auto? What do you think? Is it worth it or shall I chance it on the day? I wont be getting there until around opening time... thanks in advance for your opinions! D
  11. Hi Looking for some advice on when is best to arrive at the venue on the saturday? Im assuming it will be very busy and with doors opening at 9 there will eb people queuing before then.... Bearing in mind we have many guests we want to meet and therefore get virtual tickets for - What time would you suggest is good to arrive and get in the queue to be near to the front to get in when doors open at 9? Any advice from regulars would be greatly appreciated! thanks D
  12. Hi Just a quick question.... We are coming up to LFCC for the day and will have our 3 month old baby with us in the pram. My question is do we need a ticket for the baby? I would have thought not as likely she will be asleep for the few hours and not interested in getting autographs or photo shoots like her mum and dad but just wondered if anyone knew if infants are free or if we need a ticket for them! thanks in advance
  13. Hi Can someone tell me when the photoshoot times will be posted up? I need to leave by a certain time on Saturday and before I purchase any photoshoot tickets I want to be sure I can be there! Thanks in advance!
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