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  1. - Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira,Chandler Riggs, Michael Rooker, Steven Yeun - Fred Ward (Tremors) - Bryan Johnson and Walt Flannigan (Tell Em Steve Dave, Comic Book Men) - Jordan Ladd, Sydney Tamiia Poitier (Deathproof) - Corey Feldman - Sean Patrick Flanery - Kurt Russell and Kim Cattrell (Big Trouble in Little China) - Linda Hamilton - Christopher Lloyd - Joseph Mazello, Ariana Richards (Jurassic Park) - Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic - David Duchovny, Robert Patrick - Maisie Williams, Rory McCann, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau - Lennie James (Jericho, The Walking Dead) - Jerry O'Conn
  2. What a brave story- and well done for telling it with such honesty and openness. You might have just written it as a way to release stress but you have no idea how much you might have helped someone in the process. We all show up at cons wanting to have a good time, roaming around amongst masses without necessarily engaging with one another. Little do we know that a person we might have briefly brushed shoulders with is privately suffering inside. It is a reminder for me to not only show everyone and anyone compassion and love, but there might be more to the person in the line in front of
  3. My third LFCC, and I gotta say it was the most enjoyable, largely due to staff being more lovely, relaxed and helpful than previous ones. Maybe coz it was a smaller event. Anyways, it was a lot of fun. Thanks Showmasters! Great work.
  4. Yes, I picked up on that as well I guess having kids there, did think what he said under his breath about the kid who stood up and asked the question was a bit out of order. I am always a bit tense about this. There's just no need for it. LFCC has always been the type of event you can bring families too, so the cursing and sexual references during talks always makes me a bit mad. It needs to be kept mild, IMO. There's still a way to make it fun/funny without resorting to the offensive and inappropriate. I wouldn't bring my kids to a talk because I'd be worried they'd hear something crud
  5. Valid point, that would have frustrated me too. Although, to be fair, sometimes it's the guests who show up late for the talks. A certain Saturday guest appeared about 5-8 mins late and the luckily the host did a decent job of keeping the crowd entertained meantime. Did anyone else think that talk audiences this year weren't very... vocal? In Jon B's Sat talk and also the Star Trek one both Jon and host Dave were really animated and funny but everything landed awkwardly because the audience just wouldn't laugh out loud. Very few questions asked too.
  6. Anyone know the name of the host? He always does a great job; really witty and able to get the crowd going. Would be good to know his name by now.
  7. Very sweet. I saw a guy approach her when she was on her way out from the green room and she stopped and chatted. Was very warm and greeted fans without being approached too.
  8. Nicest guy ever. Really friendly, bordering on shy Answered questions articulately and humbly. Smiled a lot, shook hands, acted appreciatively and just generally a cool dude.
  9. Anyone know if photo op and autograph tickets will be available to purchase at the event, or only from the online shop?
  10. I spoke to a woman from Showmasters today via phone, who said that apparently press packs will be sent out today and tomorrow (Tues).... I haven't received mine yet either.
  11. Question: last year I bought tickets while awaiting confirmation on press passes, which didn't come until later, meaning I needn't have bothered buying tickets in the first place. As press passes aren't confirmed until 7-10 days before the event- and as the online shop closes soon- would it be wise for me to buy tickets now, in case my passes aren't approved? It seems like another waste of money to do so, but I don't want to risk not getting passes and then being denied (early) access to the event when tickets have gone off sale. Thanks!
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