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  1. tried with my father's computer on google chrome, tried at home on my laptop with internet explorer and opera still saying same thing
  2. Today I tried to purchase some more photo shoot tickets , but each time I tried it keeps saying validation failed, have never had a problem before, anyone else having this issue? or could it be my bank having issues?
  3. has Anthony Montgomery cancelled? as don't see him on the main website anymore. when can you expect refunds ? if this is so
  4. Thank you Raylenth will try e-mailing the showmasters shop as still had no reply from eventbrite.
  5. I have contacted the company via e-mail that sell the photo shoot tickets, and I still have not been refunded for Eric Menyuk photo shoot, frustrating!
  6. I have received refunds for 3 guests except for 1 Eric Menyuk when can I expect this refund?
  7. Got a 3 day ticket so do i need to collect a band or what?
  8. what does it mean by registration opens? I already have my entry tickets.
  9. are refunds automatically processed? because so far have two tickets that need to be refunded linda park and johnathan frakes.
  10. Herb Jefferson-Galactica Terry Carter- Galactica Laurette Sprang- Galactica Anne Lockheart- Galactica Noah Hathaway- Galactica Jeri Ryan-star trek voy Henry Darrow- star trek voy, maverick etc Scott bakula - quantum leap, star trek enterprise Dominic Keating-enterprise Anthony Montgomery - enterprise Linda Park - enterprise John Billingsley- enterprise Johnathen Frakes- star trek Levar Burton- star trek Diana Mulgaur- star trek Wil Wheaton- star trek Rene Auberjonois- Odo star trek Nichole Deboer- Ezri star trek Terry Farrell- Jadiza star trek Cirroc Loftton- Jake star trek Colm Meaney- O'brien star trek Armin Shimmerman - quark star trek Marc Alaimo- Dukat star trek Aron Eisnenberg Nog star trek Gwynyth Walsh - Lursa star trek Barbara March- B'etor star trek Roxanne Dawson- Torres voyager Robert Duncan Mcneil- Paris voyager Tim Russ- Tuvok voyager Jennifer Lein- Kes voyager Martha Hackett- seska star trek Dwight Schultz- barcaly star trek Salome Jens - female shapeshifter star trek Natalija Nougulich- Admiral Nechayev star trek andrew robinson-star trek Richard Poe- Evek star trek Marc Alaimo-star trek david warner-star trek Michelle Forbes- Laren star trek Avery Brooks - star trek Eric Menyuk- Traveller star trek Whoopi Goldberg- star trek Jennifer Hetrick- vash star trek John De Lancie- Q Star trek Gates McFadden- star trek Patrick Stewart- star trek Scarlett Pomers - Naomi voyager Richard Herd - Admiral paris voyager Susanna Thompson- borg queen star trek Nancy Hower-wildman voyager Wallace Shawn- Zek star trek Kate Mulgrew- janeway voyager Denise Crosby- star trek tng Conner Trinneer- star trek enterprise Ned Romero- chidlren of the corn final sacrifice and chakotay's grandpa Cleavant Derricks- Sliders Jerry O' Connell- Sliders Sabrina Llyod- Sliders John Rhys-Davies- Sliders Richard Wilson - One foot in the grave Anette Crosbie- One foot in the grave Christopher lyodd-back 2 future D.B. Woodside-buffy Marc Blucas-buffy Seth green- buffy Sarah michelle gellar-buffy Eliza Dushku-buffy David boreanaz-angel J.August Richards- angel Amy louise acker-angel alex denisof- buffy Nicholas brendon-buffy alyson hanningan-buffy? anthony head-buffyRainbow sun francks- atlantis Torri Higginson- atlantis Jewel staite- atlantis David Hewlett- atlantis Jason Momoa- atlantis Beau Bridges- stargate Corin Nemec- stargate Richard dean anderson- stargateEric Server- buck rogers Thom Christopher- Buck rogers Pamela Hensley-buck rogers Chloe Annett- Red Dwarf Joey Cramer- flight of navigator Paul Reubens- flight of navigator Kim Tiddy- bill Scott maslen- bill Todd carty- bill TJ Ramini- bill Cyril Nri- bill Lisa Geoghan - bill Beth Cordingly- bill Roberta Taylor-THE BILL Alex Walkinshaw-THE BILL Graham Cole-THE BILL Jeff Stewart-THE BILL Gary Lucy-THE BILL Derek Thompson- causlty Ian Bleasdale- causlty Suzanne Packer-casulty
  11. would I be able to purchase a photo shoot ticket for Ernie and the car together on the day?
  12. I brought tickets on-line and was under the impression from the information given on the site that none of the photo shoot sessions would clash. however I printed my tickets off and two guest photo shoot sessions clash Helen Slater and Nana Visitor are both for session 2 my tickets.
  13. Can't showmasters just hold Milton Keynes Collectormania at the Centre:MK Shopping Centre? as that's where it used to be.
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