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  1. Surprised there isn't a thread on here already! I'm just back from the Patrick Stewart talk, and I've got to say it was worth EVERY single penny!!! Well done Showmasters for getting Patrick, he was on top form, engaging, funny and the 50 minutes just flew by!!! The biggest bits of news was that when asked about the rest of the TNG crew appearing in the new Picard show, he said something along the lines of "I think that can be arranged" to HUGE cheers, so maybe there's a reunion in the last episode of this season or something is planned for Season 2. Another big ch
  2. Thanks for the confirmation both. I'll keep checking the social media during the night but let's hope he makes it (so!)
  3. Hi, I'm coming in especially for Patrick's talk tomorrow, so I just wanted to check with a Modertator or someone connected to the show that this is still 100% going ahead as of 1pm 25th October? I wouldn't normally worry, but with the sudden amount of guest cancellations, I'd hate to come for nothing tomorrow!!! Cheers
  4. Ok no worries. I've always wondered what YALC stands for, and with the power of Google I now know it's a seperate event!!! That could have been awkward!!! Thanks for your help today both of you :)
  5. Oh ok I get what you're saying now, my mistake, I just thought as technically I'm collecting the extra help stuff too I thought it might be all in the one place. Not to worry though! So could I in theory collect the extra help stuff from the YALC entrance, as I'd be walking past that entrance to get to the Diamond Pass collection point? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the quick response. The first post says about Extra Help - "If you require extra help there will be registration points in each entrance type" so I didn't know if that meant it could be done at the Diamond Pass collection point? Always good to double check these things! Cheers
  7. Hi, I think having a seperate collection point and entrance will be MUCH easier this year, it should save on crowding all being well. Just a couple of questions though if a mod can answer please?: 1. What time will the collection point for Diamond Passes be closing on Saturday please? I think it might be easier to get the passes sorted before Sunday if I can get down there in a good time. 2. I've registered for "Extra Help" for Sunday. If I can collect my Diamond Pass sometime on Saturday, can I get this sorted then as well? If so, would this all
  8. Yeah I didn't mean go bang to the front barging in front of someone about to have their photo, there would be words then I'd guess!!! It's just good to have the 'priority' to be slotted in near. I was just thinking I'd stay in the Que for one of them, have my photo, then join the next one in the afternoon, but it's good that doesn't have to be that way nessecerily if there's still time left for the other shoot. Thanks for the info, VERY helpful
  9. Interesting, I knew they gave you priority, but I didn't know the priority works when there's a clash between shoots. I just don't want loads of angry people complaining when I go to the front of the later photoshoot!!!
  10. Thanks for the quick answers, this is what I love about this forum. Raylenth, I didn't know you could do one straight after the other? Is that the advantage of the Diamond Pass, you get priority whenever it's happening? So say for example (I haven't decided who to get first!) I wanted to get my photo with Eccleston first, I could simply go to the front of the que and get my photo with Smith afterwards, and there wouldn't be no complaints from the gold pass or regular ticket holders?
  11. I'm pretty sure it's answered in the last line of the post, but I've never done a Diamond Pass before so thought I'd better double check! I've got Diamond Passes for Christopher Eccleston and Matt Smith, and going by the schedule their standard morning photo shoots are running at more or less the same time. Can I get one of them in the morning as scheduled, and then just go to the other person's afternoon shoot? If so, would I still be able to get towards the front because of my Diamond Pass? Thanks for the help!
  12. Hi, Just wondered if an Admin member can PM please, as I've got a couple of personal questions I'd like to ask but don't feel comfortable sharing with the forum. My account won't let me message people for some reason, so thought I'd reach out! Cheers
  13. That was quick!!! Thanks for the info. I just didn't want to turn up to the desk and they say "where's your lanyard you received?"
  14. Hi everyone, Just brought my first Diamond Passes for Christopher Eccleston and Matt Smith. I just wanted to check there's no physical tickets or anything coming through the post before next week is there? I've got my e tickets, so I assume I just hand these in and I get the lanyards/gifts on the day? Thanks for any help!
  15. WOW, Eccleston, now THAT is a coup!!! :) :) How do Diamond Passes work out of interest? Obviously you're guaranteed an autograph and I think as the size of the Que is gonna be SO big, I think that's the way to go unfortunately (whatever happened to the days of the £50 autograph cap aye?) So if I brought a Diamond Pass, can I go straight to the front of Chris' Que at whatever time and there's no waiting around? So in effect, you bypass the Virtual Que system? Is that the advantage of the Diamond Pass?
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