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  1. Hi guys, Thanks for responding and giving me just what I needed. Cheers.
  2. Hi gang, I've just got a few new guys hooked on going to conventions and after London, there's no stopping them. I've been to so many I've forgotten who I've seen and who I could have seen (missed out on Rutger Hauer back in the days to my biggest regret). There use to be links to previous Collectormanias with pics of guests and I cannot find them any more and I'm interested in showing them to people to show them some of the guests they wouldn't believe I got or who turned up (Dempsey and Makepiece and Beastmaster :) ). Anyone help me with this great trip down memory lane. I really do miss Collectormanians in the MK center. Wife could go to John Lewis and I just loved to wonder round. Even the shops got involved. Hay ho. Cheers all.
  3. Hi, As above, I'm looking at my ticket on the event app and it doesn't have a batch number that I can see. How do you know please? Sorry if it's been asked before. Thanks. Frank... ***Excitement level at 1000**** :) :) :)
  4. Hi, Thanks for responding and giving me some insight. I'm actually driving down and have a car park spot at the Olympia, so after what you've said I will leave at 6am so hopefully there for 10am, giving myself plenty (touch wood) of time. It's Mr Sheen (not the spray ) that I'm seeing and I don't see a PM one for him so I defo don't want to miss him. Thanks again and sterling work Mr Raylenth.
  5. Hi all, Just a quick one as it's my first time at this particular event. I'm coming on Sunday from Sunny Yorkshire and my first photo shoot isn't until 11:50. Is getting their at 11am a bit risky on queuing to get in? I was hoping Sundays won't be as manic as Saturday and I don't want to leave too early so have factored in around 4hrs from leaving my gaff to actually getting into the hall but if people think leaving an hour to get in is a bit risky, then I will simply leave earlier. I know their won't be a definite answer, but if anyone has any prior Sunday knowledge then any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Frank.
  6. Great to hear this as I'm seeing him for both a photo shoot and autograph and I'm alway a bit worried on what they're like (the saying never meet your heroes does sometimes apply). I'm stoked!!!!
  7. Wow. Just finished watching Enter the Ninja for the bazillionth time. Massive guilty pleasure that I watched back in the 80s. Love ma Django too (proper version ofc). Great stuff guys and I've bought my tickets to the show just because of him. First time I'm actually going to get a photo and autograph together as it's normally one or the other, but this time it's a no brainer... I'm chuffed...
  8. Hi, just a quick one. Pele and Gordon are showing a 12:35 with only a 10 min slot. Would it be best to get there and queue from 12? Don't want to miss it and the window is small :) If I ask Pele for a sly code for a free Pele on Fifa 17, think he will say yes :)... Nah :)...
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