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    Cities A-Z

    List cities from all over the world from A to Z. I will begin: Adelaide
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    General Chat

    Recycle in the 70’s?!?!
  3. Chris1970

    General Chat

    In my 70’s home, each Friday, the local brewery took their 60’s truck around the area selling softdrinks from the back.
  4. Chris1970

    General Chat

    Ooo! It was you I saw at Pizza Hut today!!
  5. Chris1970

    General Chat

    We live in a paradoxical country. Actually there a few that are open longer than 7-23. I was surprised as well as it is usually only during the summer months it is open this long.
  6. Chris1970

    General Chat

    Staying at a hotel, next door to the right: 24/7 McDonalds. Next door to the left: 24/7 Seven Eleven. Must..resist.. lasted about 5 minutes after I got to the room. Returned with a big bag from Maccas.
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    Guest Suggestions

    David Suchet Mark Williams Emer Kenny Rupert Grint
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    General Chat

    It took 1000 years, or so, for anyone to make a good story about the vikings and I am afraid it might be the same with WoW, remember the late 80’s series.. I much prefer the story set in the correct era, like in the book. I will give the BBC version a chance. Loved the JW musical though, probably the best musical I have seen. About additions..remember The Hobbit. Tauriel was such a character, abit of mumble about her first but she turned out ok. The funniest I read about her was a US newspaper called her a pointy-eared Lara Croft. Well..
  9. Chris1970

    Guest Suggestions

    Marisa Tomei Ariana Richards Julian Sands
  10. I blew a few fuses.. true.
  11. And of course you are there now to find out before us.
  12. Darn! I will be at the flicks by the time we will find out. Will see ”Midway”.
  13. Already sent from them so they work really fast.
  14. Byt the way @Raylenth I ordered from Statesidestills today, lucky me because they are closed for orders from 25/11 to 16/12. I need three of the photos in December so lucky this time. I ordered some for lccs as well, found some I really like and some I dont expect to see at the events.