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  1. Hi everyone, I've been to London Comic Con in 2018, I live in Italy and that year Comic Con was a great experience!! I intend to go to Scotland and pass to London only if interesting guests arrive. Here's my list: 1) Arnold Schwarzenegger 2) Ewan Mcgregor 3)Jeff Goldblum 4) Karen Allen 5)Mads Mikkelsen 6)Chuck Norris 7) Dolph Lundgren 8)Carl Weathers 9)Jean Claude Van Damme 10)Brendan Fraser 11) Bruce Campbell
  2. For me John Travolta would be the best as a guest at the LFCC Summer !!!
  3. If I take Brendan Fraser's Diamond Pass on Saturday, I can the photo shoot be one of the first even with the sold-out Batch 1 or even with the Diamond Pass touches me the available batch?Who has the Diamond Pass takes precedence in autographs?
  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger Gary Oldman Jeff Goldblum Dolph Lundgreen Chuck Norris Robert Downey Jr
  5. After BRENDAN FRASER I want ARNOLD VOSLOO in Imhotep
  6. Dolph Lundgreen Carl Weathers Danny Glover Christopher Lambert
  7. I saw from live in a TV studio in Rome, it was 2013 I hope to meet him next year in London, as I return again ... I would participate in the LFCC only for him. If I am a fan of cinema and thanks to him that I saw in 1994 True Lies in cinemas.
  8. In these days Schwarzenegger is in a convetion,it would be a dream to meet him at the next LFCC !! How many of you would like to meet him?
  9. Arnold Schwarzenegger Jeff Goldblum Chuck Norris
  10. Generic question, when are the digital photos of the LFCC 2018 convention going out?
  11. Question stupid, how do I upload photos from my mobile device to this forum?
  12. Sam Neill today no photoshoot 9:30 AM? I have batch 1...
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