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  1. Yeah I'm beginning to think that. Again though, I find photoshoots the most awkward thing in the world and really don't enjoy them, but then again it's that potential 'all or nothing' situation. I mean I am pretty canny. I even managed to see Sigourney on VQ tickets, but nobody gets that lucky twice right?
  2. I hadn't considered this. I always go for the 'meet and autograph' thing (I think it means more to acquire the signing in person) but if it's between that and not getting one at all, I may have to settle for the pre-order service. Thanks for the suggestion :)
  3. Ah thank you, so that answers my question then - the purchaser must use the entire DP. I thought that might be the case. So the choice remains - book the whole thing in advance or gamble on VQ. You can see though why a Diamond Pass seems like tremendous overkill to me when I just want a guaranteed autograph
  4. Sorry, I didn't want to new thread but couldn't figure where to post without hijacking something else... I've done Comicon about 5-6 times now, never bought a Diamond pass because I dislike photo-shoots. So I'm always getting there super early and getting a low numbered virtual queue ticket, and 90% of the time I'm lucky and get my autograph. Last year that wasn't the case. Peter Weller talked A LOT (which I can totally understand) so barely got through any of his VQ tickets. I missed out. This year - Brendan Fraser is a must meet for me. So the question is do I either: Wing it with an early arrival and VQ ticket and hope for the best Buy a Diamond Pass And if I buy a Diamond Pass, is there anything preventing me from selling the photoshoot opportunity to someone else? I really don't want it. I'm not fussed about the talk or the gift either. Thanks! Dan
  5. Any idea how busy Peter's line is today? I'm not there today but when I gave up and left yesterday (17:30) he hadn't even signed for 100 people. Disappointing and I think he needs a Diamond Pass if he ever attends again. He was the main reason I came. Are there any other options now? Have I missed the boat on getting one signed and mailed to me?
  6. Damn. Better get to planning then. I'm guessing we should head up earlier then and it will be replacement buses and the like?
  7. Not too sure what exactly is going on so... We're driving to Wimbledon and then training from there to Kensington. Will any of these strikes/engineering works affect us?
  8. I always have a modest list: Peter Weller - packing an A3 Robocop poster for him to scribble on Lance Henriksen & William Hope - Need to add them to my Aliens one-sheet (already has Weaver, Biehn, Paxton, Hiller, Steedman, Henn) MAYBE Sam Neill - would be nice but my budget is TIGHT
  9. Paul Reiser Jenette Goldstein Al Matthews Mark Rolston (Anyone else from Aliens)
  10. It's been two years since I did a Con. How close do the floor plans usually land? Less than I week I would guess since they're waiting on final lineup of guests etc?
  11. Hi all. I'm sure this is a frequently asked question, and I've seen a couple of older threads with some vague answers, but no definitive guide (if there is one, please point me in the right direction). What's the policy on replica firearms at all of the Showmasters events? Replica blasters/sci-fi weapons that are based on realistic weapon designs (like Star Wars blasters or Blade Runner blasters built from replicated real weapon components) Holsters, concealed or plain sight Orange barrel caps - when required or not required There's a lot going on in the world at the moment, and while it is horrible and I can completely understand why US cons are cracking down hugely on replica firearms, I don't want to embark on Cosplay builds if the key props are going to need to be left at home. Would appreciate some feedback from mods/admins. Thanks :)
  12. What better time to do it as well! Not gonna carry anything under that coat are you? Hmm. Keeping a replica shotgun concealed under there could well have me turfed out. May have to be careful about that. Just to clarify, there is only one Kyle Reese. None of this Jai Courtney nonsense
  13. This. Keeping it simple but getting it right.
  14. This thread has made me feel much more confident that I can get what I want from the weekend. Will be arriving between 7:30 and 8am on both Saturday and Sunday with standard entry, aiming for VQ tickets for Sigourney, Chris Lloyd and Bill Paxton. And I'll be organised with map and all, moving about the con with military efficiency. My girlfriend is so going to hate it.
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