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  1. Not sure it will be that extreme. According to the Olympia site the national hall holds 5000 max.
  2. No unless you want to and I'll keep my eye out for you! Although I think that would be a bit unfair as its effectively queue jumping.
  3. Thanks. Wont be rushing for entry time so will just risk it.
  4. Cool. Dont plan on getting there too early on the saturday. Will prob chance a vq ticket. Is he normally busy?
  5. Think an auto may be in order. Whats he like to meet?
  6. Evangeline Lilly. Leah Thompson. Elisabeth Shue.
  7. Mentioned it last year. Will pull out my Borat costume.
  8. This! I'm hoping they can get Hugh Jars!!!
  9. Diamond pass without question if Elisabeth Shue is announced.
  10. Nice. Look on the positive side - no need for an early start
  11. Off the beaten track. Duo shot with: Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby
  12. Please try to get Neve Campbell back. Seems likes she's on the con circuit thus year.
  13. How about the rest of these to go alongside Robert Carlyle? Great group shot opportunity!
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