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  1. The ideal home show have announced new dates after they have postponed and now say it is 25th July to 9th August at the Olympia. Does that mean this is postponed or have they made an error?
  2. Completely agree. It was my first con many years ago and I have loved them since but can’t help but feel disappointed and forgotten. It’s local which makes it easier and cheaper not mention means my husband can go otherwise he has to dog sit!
  3. Just wondered what people’s thoughts were on the weekend. It was tiny compared to previous years and while I accept that cancellations can not be helped, the line up was a bit thin to start with. I feel this might be the end for Sheffield con.
  4. It’s not really but no response on Sheffield thread and no confirmation on there so thought I would try here.
  5. Can you confirm if this is the same for Sheffield tomorrow as same thing is showing?
  6. He is showing as cancelled on the site as of yesterday but as yet no announcement has been made. Can someone confirm if he is going to be there on Saturday. Don't want to take my pop figure with me if he is not gonna be there!
  7. If we have not received a cancellation email what should we do. I am also waiting for a refund for this and have not heard but others are saying they have had refunds already.
  8. Leaving in 2 hours. Packed ready, but anxiety now kicked in and feel sick!
  9. Mine too but not sure about the rest of the years - cost me enough this year already and not even there yet (I have no self control especially when it comes to Game of Thrones).
  10. Glad it is inside as allergic to bright sun so being outside would count me out! hand held fan with mist purchased yesterday, arrived today which I have a feeling I will be grateful for, Two of my costumes involve fur (in small amounts). All packed now. Roll on 10:30 tomorrow money when my Taxi arrives (and then the look on the taxi drivers face when he sees the size of one of my bags).
  11. I know the feeling. One day to go before I break up for 6 weeks and it is gonna be a killing (work in a primary school).
  12. Is it bad my bag is already packed? And is it equally bad that I seem to have filled a rather large suitcase for the weekend (the same suitcase my mum used for a 3 week holiday) and have a bag for my cosplay weapons that is the same size as me? Note as well I am travelling by train from Leeds!
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