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  1. I didn't wait too long to get in as g.a. went straight to collect my diamond pass which took forever. Can't believe they ran out of posters for some guests- surely they know how many diamond passes have been purchased?! Once I got my DP I walked straight in, nobody checked that I had an entry ticket and nobody checked my bag. Saying all that I had a good day!
  2. This year would have been my favourite with Ron Perlman and Adam West but sadly it wasn't to be. Like others have said, it is very subjective.
  3. Two years in a row.....I'm gutted about this- him and Adam West were the main people I wanted to meet. Such a shame, but I stay positive he agrees to come next year! Cross my fingers Steven doesn't cancel and make my diamond guest cancellations a hat trick.
  4. Cadfael!!!!!! Please tell me I'm not the only one who knows this programme.........
  5. I'm going to have to try and find the money for a photoshoot. I used to watch him as Batman as a kid with my dad, can't miss this opportunity.
  6. Wow batch 9. He also has the photoshoot with Doug Jones to do so I wonder how many VQ's he will get through, especially as Diamonds get 2? I'm very excited to be meeting him and just had to go Diamond to guarantee the autos after he cancelled last year x
  7. All SOA cast Priest cast Outcast cast Karl Urban Chris Pratt Eva Green Kevin Durand Emilia Clarke
  8. After saying I'm not going to any cons this year after March, I completely cracked and bought weekend tickets and a diamond pass! I have zero willpower.
  9. I would be happy with anyone from the following shows: Gotham Preacher Outcast SOA American Horror Story Penny Dreadful Constantine From film: Karl Urban Chris Pratt Keifer Sutherland Mila Jovavich (spelling?) I love the suggestion of a Lost Boys reunion!!
  10. I only had a photo shoot with him and thought he was great. Very charming and friendly.
  11. I can't stand dealers either, have come across some extremely disrespectful people in the past. I'm sure they are not all the same. I'm surprised that stars do not have a sign to say personalisation only. I wouldn't want the dealers money knowing they're just trying to cash in off my back.
  12. I got my refund a couple of days after the official cancellation.
  13. I noticed it in the photoshoots which I think is a good thing as you do get some nutters out there, but not entering the building. There was a guy outside shouting to have your bags open ready for checking so I fully expected to have my bag thoroughly searched after all the news stories recently. A lady just glanced in mine and a guy asked my sister if hers was a 'travelling bag', it was a ruck sack, she just said 'yeah' and he let her through. We could have had anything inside......
  14. I can't afford to go to a few a year so look forward to LFCC 2017!
  15. Too Tall was managing the madness that was outside the Dolph and Carl shoot as the single shoot with Carl was straight after. It was crazy but he was very calm and managed the queue while checking tickets so there were no queue jumpers.
  16. I had a great weekend. I was very worried about the heat that was mentioned from last year but everything was spread out and didn't feel hot and claustrophobic as I had feared. I didn't get to the venue til 9.30 on Saturday due to a train delay, but walked straight in. Everything else was great. I only have one criticism and that was due to a member of staff in a red t-shirt. I was about to walk upstairs to go to my photoshoot for Kim Coates and had 45-mins before it started. I had printed my ticket off and had it in my hand (with the barcode etc on) the lady then said to me 'is that for a photoshoot?' tobwhich I replied it was,cshe then told me I had to go to the sales desk to exchange it for a ticket. I told her I thought I just took it to the photo area and they scan it and she said 'no no you have to go and get a ticket'. Being in a red shirt I thought she must know, maybe there's been a change, so off I went queued for 30-mins for them to tell me what I already knew, take it to the photo booth and it will be scanned. It was then a mad rush to get up to the shoot. To say I was annoyed is an understatement!!!! The saving grace was the guy in the blue shirt managing the queue was great, he checked my ticket and slotted me in the front of the queue as I was batch 1. Apart from that I had a blast. Thank you for a great event.
  17. Absolutely loved Kim Coates! Such a nice guy. Was so gutted when Ron cancelled but Kim more than made up for it. His eyes......
  18. This is my problem too. I don't see any way around it as all golds go first and there's no knowing how many people will be having photos with Kim. It's a lot of money to lose. These are the only photos for me now that I no longer have my shoot with Ron and they're at the same time! Out of all the celebs there my only ones clash :-) If you guys can post your batch numbers please that helps a lot with recommending a strategy, and also the day. It's a large schedule and you are saving us a lot of time. The Jason David Frank/Dominic thing is no issue at all, they overlap only by 10 minutes. Go to Jason timely and then head over immediately to Dominic. For the other one it's Kim first and please tell crew straight away that you have the other shoot. Crew was shouting last year because 80 percent of the attendees unfortunately were ignoring their instructions and they were trying to make themselves heard. When nobody listens to what you say you'd get upset too. It's a slightly different set up this year, so hopefully no more shouting needed. that sounds a plan thank you, its Batch 8 for Dominic and JDF is batch 4 Thanks QS. Kim is batch 1 Dolph and Carl batch 2.
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