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  1. Ed1978

    Bournemouth Film and Comic Con

    Ok, thanks Raylenth
  2. Dear Showmasters, Do you know yet if there are any plans to hold a film and comic con in Bournemouth again next year? It seems as though your interests in it have sadly dwindled somewhat as, despite the amount of people who attended, the one back in May was noticeably smaller than the previous ones. Bournemouth is a great town so it would be a shame if this event was no longer held here.
  3. Yep, that's correct! He first says the line as Alex Murphy when he is apprehending Emil after shooting the other guy shortly after arriving with Lewis at the steel mill, then later he says the same line again as Robocop to Emil at the gas station but this time he says: 'Dead or alive, YOU ARE coming with me'!!
  4. Ed1978

    Any Steven Seagal pics or stories?

    For those of you that did meet him, what was he like?!
  5. I used to despise Robocop 3 with a passion, but ever since I had the misfortune of experiencing the truly despicable, vile and completely unnecessary remake, I would quite happily tolerate it now!!!!
  6. So what can I say about this man that hasn’t already been said by people who have met him at previous events he has attended! A pleasure to talk with as well as listen to! I’ve met a number of guests at events like these over the years but John was probably the nicest and the most genuine. I was lucky to get there early on the Saturday and to be the first to meet him and if I hadn’t noticed the queue eventually beginning to form behind me, I could’ve quite happily stayed there and chatted to him for a lot longer! In fact, I could’ve spoken to him all day and listened to him all day! He even gave me advice about how to start my ideal career as an aspiring author! I've grown up loving him as Sallah in Indiana Jones and then later as Gimli in The Lord of the Rings and to be given the chance to meet him and to find out he really was as friendly and welcoming as I had hoped was actually quite an experience and one that I won’t forget! I’d like to thank Showmasters for inviting him to come to Bournemouth and I was honoured to have such a nice, genuine celebrity (not to mention Legend!) visit my hometown.
  7. Is there a possibility of the photoshoot tickets for him selling out before Saturday? Still working out plans/options etc for the weekend
  8. Don't suppose you could persuade Wendy Padbury to do a talk on Saturday as well?!
  9. Does anyone know if you'd be able to get a photo with John at the signing desk?
  10. I was only saying the other day how disappointing the guest list was. This more than makes up for it! I'm actually quite proud that he will be visiting my hometown!
  11. I’m curious as to know why the ‘bigger’ celebrities only ever attend the main convention in London and never any of the smaller regional ones? No dis-respect to the guests already confirmed but I can’t help but think the list isn't really all that impressive and interest in this event seems to have dwindled somewhat?
  12. Ed1978

    Guest Suggestions

    Please invite Carl Weathers back. I was so looking forward to meeting him last year (and had even bought an Apollo Creed t-shirt off ebay!), so I was very disappointed when he had to pull out at the last minute.
  13. Also, does he usually personalize autographs?
  14. So best to get there early then?!
  15. Does Ray Park normally do 'posed' photos at the autograph desk?