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  1. David Tennant. He is literally the only guest I would love to meet :)
  2. Peter Capaldi Sticking with the 'who' theme and the letter D
  3. Any of the Pretty Little Liars cast. I beg. I have a S1-5 boxset that would look ten times nicer with autographs on it
  4. Yay!! met Judy Blume last year it was awesome!! Please ask Jaqueline Wilson....she is still a fav at age 26!! <3
  5. Julian Morris (Pretty Little Liars, ER, New Girl, Once Upon A Time)
  6. Shay Mitchell has just said in her live stream she plans to come to London soon. I reckon if showmasters could get in contact with her she would love to come along!
  7. David Tennant. You would be disappointed if I guess anyone else I know you would
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