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  1. sophstar007

    Guest Suggestions

    Anyone and everyone from Pretty Little Liars.
  2. sophstar007

    Guest Suggestions

    Anyone and everyone from Pretty Little Liars.
  3. sophstar007

    Video Gaming Zone at LFCC

    Ooooooh I hope we get to see this!!
  4. sophstar007

    Guest Suggestions

    David Tennant. He is literally the only guest I would love to meet :)
  5. sophstar007

    Big Guest Announcement Friday 17th @ 7pm

    David. Tennant. Pretty please?!
  6. As always...David Tennant?!
  7. sophstar007

    Big Guest Announcement Tomorrow at 7pm

    I'm gonna go with this. Lol.
  8. Peter Capaldi Sticking with the 'who' theme and the letter D
  9. sophstar007

    Guest Suggestions

    Any of the Pretty Little Liars cast. I beg. I have a S1-5 boxset that would look ten times nicer with autographs on it
  10. sophstar007

    YALC 2016 - First Authors Announced!

    Yay!! met Judy Blume last year it was awesome!! Please ask Jaqueline Wilson....she is still a fav at age 26!! <3
  11. sophstar007

    Guest Suggestions

    David Tennant....please :)
  12. sophstar007

    Guest Suggestions

    Julian Morris (Pretty Little Liars, ER, New Girl, Once Upon A Time)
  13. sophstar007

    Guest Suggestions

    Shay Mitchell has just said in her live stream she plans to come to London soon. I reckon if showmasters could get in contact with her she would love to come along!
  14. sophstar007

    Big Guest Announcement Tuesday 7pm

    David Tennant. You would be disappointed if I guess anyone else I know you would