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  1. The year I decide NOT to go tons of people I want to meet get booked... You might as well shoot me right now.
  2. To bad R2-D2's role is so small in the new trilogy. But still a good auto for the collection. :)
  3. Big trouble in little china: Kurt russell Kim catrrall Dennis dun James hong Kate burton Donald li Carter wong Peter kwong James pax Suzee pai And rest. Star wars: Msrk hamill Harrison ford James earl jones Frank oz Liam neeson Ewan mcgregor Natalie portman Jake lloyd Pernilla august Oliver ford davies Hugh quarshie Brian blessed Andy secombe Lewis macleod Warwick davis Samuel l jackson Kiera knightly Hayden christensen Jimmy smits Jack thompson Leeanna walsman Jay laga'aia Joel edgerton Daniel logan Bonnie piesse Rena owen Marton csokas Silas carson Bruce spence Genevieve o'reilly Matthew wood Felicity jones Deigo luna Donnie yen Wen jiang Ben mendelsohn Guy henry Forest whitaker Riz ahmed Paul kasey Ben daniels Stephen stanton Fares fares Ingvild deila Aidan cook Andy de la tour Adam driver Daisy ridley John boyega Lupita nyong'o Andy serkis Domhnall gleeson Max von sydow Gwendoline christie Joonas suotamo Simon pegg Brian vernel Yayan ruhian Ken leung
  4. Still waiting for conformation on my upgrade on Cumberbatch. Made an upgrade from a photo shoot to a Diamond pass for him. I made the upgrade the 2/7 and mailed them the same day. I even sent 2 mails that day cause it said the first one wasn't sent. (for some reason.) Still no answer. Then I mailed them again 2 Days ago or something to follow up, and they answered me yesterday that they hadn't gotten any email. (but the third one that came in after the 5/7 they recived at once.) XD So I had to send in screens on the order and the mail. So I'm hoping they will solve it fast. Because of the COSTs for this event I could really use the Money back asap.
  5. James Earl Jones would be one awesome guest, that would be an instant diamond pass for me right there.
  6. How come 2 people play darth vader in the same movie? Doesn't say that either of them played stunts or anything. Good to know if I should grab an auto or not...
  7. Some actors from 'The Mummy' movies would be fun. Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah, Arnold Vosloo. For example.
  8. My Name That I Respond To IRL: Andreas My Rough Age: 34, 35 by the time the convention is back. My Main Fandoms: Fantasy, scifi, suphero movies and series. Most People Love This Fandom But I Strongly Dislike: DC tv-series, don't know why i dislike them so much, Marvel tv-series are WAY better. Favourite Guest I've So Far Met: Rutger Hauer Biggest Name Guest I've So Far Met: Jeremy Renner and Sigourney Weaver. Ultimate Dream Guest I'd Love To Meet: Jean-Claude Van Damme and/or Kurt Russel. <3 However A More Realistic Dream Guest Would Be: Dolph Lungdren. (whom I met this year.) XD I Plan To Be At LFCC 2017 On These Days: IF I go, I'll go all 3 days, as usual. ^^ I Will Most Likely Be Wearing: Regulare clothes, I'm not cool enough to dress up. >.< As Well As The Guests, I Will Also Be Attending To: That's pretty much it, I also look through the vendors. Favourite Colour: Don't have one. Favourite Movie: Big trouble in little china Favourite Food: Thai chicken noodles. ^^ Favourite Book: Don't read books, but favorite comic is 'Preacher'. Favourite Series Of Books: Again, I don't read books. Favourite Video Game: FF7, FF9, Suikoden 1-2, Breath of fire 3, Alundra. Favourite Item Of Merchandise: I have no clue, probably my 'Big trouble in little china' stuff I'm collecting. Favourite Person With The Screen Name "Stenun" Who Started This Thread: ^-^ Other Information About Me That I Want To Mention: I'm funny as hell. XD Other Information About Me That I Don't Want To Mention: I'm funny as hell. XD
  9. How about a 'Predator' reunion? 30th anniversary, maybe get Arnold and the rest of the cast. Think that would be awesome.
  10. Jack Burton: You know what ol' Jack Burton always says at a time like this? Thunder: Who? Jack Burton: Jack Burton. *Me*! Cast from Big trouble in little china is a given. Besides that, actors from star wars episode 1-3 and 7, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, James Earl Jones. Actors from LOTR and/or Hobbit.
  11. Well Big trouble in little china had a 30th annivarsary this year, which i mentioned also. But I did not get any actors from the movie then, might bring it up 2017. ALWAYS BTILC actors. I'm a reasonable guy. But, I've just experienced some very unreasonable things.
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