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  1. Yes. I've actually met him a few times and he's lovely. (Not through comic cons) i have a signed Fantastic 4 comic and Titanic book signed. I'd love to meet him again.
  2. Please get Paul Reubens aka Pee Wee Herman! There's a load of great merchandise he could sign. The recent Netflix film was wonderful!
  3. That's officially all of my guests cancelled. I'll give it a miss this time, but look forward to LFCC Summer.
  4. Amazing! I went to a taping of Spin City in New York in 1999. I got an auto and a photo then. I'll get the same again!
  5. Jeff East. He would be a great Superman guest.
  6. I'd love to meet yahya abdul-mateen ii. We need more Aquaman guests. Thanks
  7. Diamond Passes have been great for me. Besides a guarantee of meeting the guest, it means I don't have to stay in hotel the night before and start queuing from 5.30am for VQs like I have in the past. I brought my 7-year-old and the diamond made everything much easier for him.
  8. Many people I work with think I'm nuts spending that money, but I think they're nuts spending £3.50 on a cup of coffee 2-3 times every day.
  9. I paid for photo shoots with Christina Ricci and Jenna Coleman, but missed both. I wish i had seen Matthew Lillard, but I'm pleased with the autos I got. My Aquaman poster looks incredible.
  10. Thanks. I'll be driving 3 hours, so fingers crossed it will be ok. It's £400 of tickets I'd rather not waste.
  11. Hi. I'm gutted we can't make it today because my son is poorly. I have 2 Saturday diamond passes and a photo shoot. If we can make it in tomorrow, will I be able to use them then instead? Thanks for your advice.
  12. Amazing! I put him on the guest suggestions thread and here he is. My BTTF poster is about to get even better.
  13. Actors from The Maze Runner trilogy would be amazing. Dylan O'Brien please!
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