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  1. One thing that needs to be brought up is that some VQ's weren't printed with the guest name. So for Val Kilmer it just had a letter of the alphabet on it with the words 'Saturday/Sunday' printed on the VQ ticket. I did ask a crew member to write down who the guest was on some of the VQ tickets that had no printed name. However later on the crew got a bit iffy about the name being 'handwritten' rather than 'printed'. Perhaps something to bear in mind going forwards.
  2. With Billy Dee Williams, I would have expected as a Gold pass holder to be able to get his autograph as long as I had a low enough VQ ticket. Personally speaking I got him a few years ago when he was a 'regular' guest. I did like where we were located so as to get to the autograph queues quicker, but as said elsewhere the people giving out the VQ tickets should be doing it from the moment we reach the guests booth. Not telling us that we need to wait 5 minutes for the show to start when other guests are having VQ's dolled out immediately. The £10 guest voucher, I managed to use it. But ideally it should be that it can be used as part payment for any guest autograph. I can't help thinking that the gold pass is going up in price yearly but in terms of its actual value it seems to be going down year on year. I have been a gold pass holder for four years now. I can't say it's not gone unnoticed the things that gold pass holders used to get that have now been removed.
  3. The man is a complete 'gentleman'. I met him at the theatre and he couldn't be more nicer if he tried. Willing to talk with you and likes signing Rogue One. Probably as he get to play the legend that was Peter Cushing. Everyone has a different perception of how the guests came accross to them. All I can say is that for me, I found the smaller guests to be more engaging. I said this previously but I will repeat it again, there should NOT be novices on the autograph tables. One of them when the gold pass people entered the autograph area wouldn't give out the VQ tickets saying we had to wait until 9am. Yet all the others were handing them out freely the moment gold pass holders got to the autograph area. Another one didn't know what she was doing at the table. She said to people that they had to pay first then go to the back of the queue. Which is the total opposite of how things usually run. If a novice does have to be doing these roles, then they should either be briefed fully or have someone with them more 'experienced'.
  4. Is there a lost property? I stupidly dropped a bag with some shoes in it. Was too busy thinking about the autographs to have my mind on what I was carrying around with me. If not then that's my loss.
  5. All, it is my sad duty to inform you that Rutger Hauer has passed away. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-49098435 I was hoping he'd be around for a while longer so I could get him to sign something else for me. He was a nice guest at the last LFCC he came to.
  6. Ted Rami was very nice and polite whilst signing my DVD covers. Lucy Davis was also very sweet. Disappointed to hear that she won't be in the sequel. Robert Englund, the man definately is there for the fans. A very fine gentleman. He was surprised at the book I gave him to sign. It was a book about Wes Craven. When Robert flicked through it he was talking to the people behind him, pointing things out from the book. Seemed like a journey down memory lane for him. No wonder he's so popular at events he attends, he knows how to make a person feel like they're the most important person in the room.
  7. To be honest, this is the type of behaviour that should be barred from the event and prevents true fans from getting what they want. I heard that when Caroline Blakiston was last at an event a lot of her Star Wars pictures were supposedly kept under the table because of being purchased by dealers. Apparently she took them out, starting signing them for people in the queue that wanted them. Then informed the person who said that the pictures had been bought by dealers, that they'd simply have to go and print more.
  8. This I agree with. Either brief the staff better or don't put novices on the autograph desks. I had an awkward encounter with one guest due to the person on the desk not knowing how the autograph vouchers worked. Due to this, I felt that I couldn't speak to the guest properly and that I had to just walk off after getting my item signed.
  9. Exactly. Hit the nail on the head Blairy550. It's the amount of items and the fact the couldn't give a rats spam about who's behind them in the queue as long as their several million items are all signed.
  10. You've not understood what I've said and this conversation is now pointless. The issue with the dealers is the amount of items they are getting signed, especially when the guest is busy. It was even mentioned in another post that Christopher Eccleston got fed up signing for them at the show. If they want masses of stuff signed, fine. But just don't do it when the guest is busy with loads of people queuing up to meet a particular person.
  11. The problem with the 'dealers' is that they're the ones who spoil things for real fans. Also when you're after several guests it doesn't help that one person is getting masses of stuff signed and holding up everyone else. Then you can't go and meet other guests because you're stuck in a queue due to dealers trying to 'rack' someone. I was surprised she came along at all TBH. I have met her on several occasions and only once did she sign. It's known that she dislikes signing for anyone.
  12. lucykemp21, I agree about Jason Momoa. Yes, he signed quick which was good for getting the queues down. However there was the impression it was a bit of a 'factory line' to it. Him just signing without much thought as to what he was doing and the person he was signing for.
  13. TerraHawk, that's the issue. They are always 'aware' of people with the busy guests wanting a billion things signed but nothing is ever done about it. This has been mentioned for ages and not just me...
  14. S.H.R.E.K, I couldn't agree more. Had Segal been somewhat cheaper, I would have been tempted. But his price tag put me off completely. With the other guests that were lined up, I too also found them more attractive and worth my while.
  15. That other show you can't mention is so badly organised. They don't even know the concept of 'virtual queue' tickets. So you have to just stand in the queue for the guest to be free. At least with Showmasters I can get a VQ ticket then relax a bit, have a look around the stalls.
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