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  1. Drew Barrymore probably wouldn't be interested. Also were she to come, her auto fee would be extremely expensive. I'd say about what Hayden Christensen was a few years back.
  2. Yes, she was very talkative when it came to the subject of Wes Craven. She seemed very chirpy about her experiences on 'The Hills Have Eyes'. Despite the fact that her character goes through the wringer....
  3. Looks like he's barely aged. I wonder what he's been drinking....
  4. I can echo how nice he was. Very chatty. Out of all the ET guests was really interested in my items. He was enthusiastic about looking through my ET book, for him it was a journey down memory lane.
  5. Speaking of pictures, I had a table one with Martin Shaw. But I didn't check on the spot and it appears that the person that took the picture didn't press the button hard enough. So it didn't take and I don't have a photo with him. I was told to go back and explain but it's fine. I have his signature - the photo with is a bonus. But going forwards I'll be ensuring I check on the spot as to avoid future disappointments.
  6. Would have been more helpful had they mentioned it here. Also they said that Jimmy Vee was all days not just Sat and Sun...
  7. I know Zoe Wannamaker was making a big deal about dedication. If you didn't want a dedication she did so but made a big deal about it. In the end I just left it as I know what she's like from experience. I would say if you're PAYING for them to sign then they should be doing as you're requesting as long as it's reasonable. Just my two pence on the matter.
  8. Also Jimmy Vee was a no show as was Tony Smart. Bit annoying as I was carrying things for them to sign unnecessarily.
  9. I also went Gold but didn't get any of the talk tickets. How did the talk thing work for you? Did you just turn up? I feel that also with the Gold pass ALL staff need to be briefed on how it works. I went to get someone's signature and was told that I needed a VQ then to come back. This was a non diamond guest. Then when I told the person my entitlements with the gold pass they had to go and ask. Then gave the excuse it's their first time on crew. Not really the point. I would expect all staff wearing the uniform to know what each pass entails. Not give excuses....
  10. He's come a long way since Dickensian. When I asked him for an autograph, he said I was the first person to ask him....
  11. If you ask Shatner for a quote, I'd suggest you have it printed for him to know what to write. I had him write Khaaan on my Star Trek 2 DVD cover. But he misspelled it.
  12. I see, so if you're paying him then he smiles. Very interesting. I don't see why it's so hard for him to do so when at the theatre and there's no monetary exchange. Other people I've asked have said the same thing.
  13. Does he ever smile during photos with? Whenever I had one with him, it looks like he's grimacing.
  14. She has an impressive CV. Stunt performers are the unsung heroes of film productions.
  15. I meant the vouchers that get used instead of cash. So at the Spring one I overbought some vouchers as I didn't want to carry a lot of cash around. I still have the vouchers that I can use at the summer con, but I was wondering if they can be used at London Film Fair. There's no codes on the vouchers.
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