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  1. I was only there on the Sunday, with the sole intention of meeting Tom Felton. I had a photo op bought, so that was fine and I was hoping I'd also be able to get an autograph, but wasn't sure what his queue would be like considering we weren't able to get there until nearly midday. But it was fine in the end. We got there and had something to eat then went for a wander round the trade stands before the photo op (which helped us cool down!). I was slightly overwhelmed by the photo op itself as it felt a bit like being on a conveyor belt as the photos were taken that quickly (I understand why though, he had massive queues) and I didn't get chance to say anything other than a quick 'hello' and a 'thank you' afterward (that could have just been me being starstruck though). We attended his talk too, which was a lot of fun and it was nice to hear him sing live after watching his instagram stories for so long! Then went back for his autograph and I did get chance to speak with him a little - but this is the bit I regret because all of the things I should have said, like how much I enjoyed Origin and how much I love his music, completely went out of my head and all I could do was say how hot I was feeling! I did follow it up by asking him if he'd had a good weekend though, so it wasn't all bad. A pleasant interaction, but regret on my part for not being more on the ball! I'd love him to come back again so I could have another go at having a proper conversation lol. I'm still over the moon to have met him I also would have loved to meet a few other people, but sadly, money was not in abundance due to payday being the last working day of the month (so inconvenient)!
  2. If there is no district line service, what is the best way to get to Olympia from Kings Cross? I’m on a train from Newcastle that won’t get in till 10.54 Only have Tom Felton photoshoot booked, but was hoping to get an autograph too - will I have any chance?
  3. Great, thank you both. I am normally better organised and check the travel aspect first, but completely forgot this time! Hoping to get an autograph too, but will see how that goes when we get there. Photo is definitely a priority! I've only done Collectormania before, so wasn't sure how things worked at the bigger convention, this has helped put my mind at ease!
  4. This will be my first time at LFCC, going especially for Tom, but does anyone know roughly what time the photoshoots start? I’m travelling from the north east on the Sunday morning & wont get there till after 11am, but in my haste to book tickets, selected batch 1 for the photo shoot. Will it be a problem if I miss batch 1?
  5. Wow, I haven't posted in these forums since Collectormania Manchester a couple of years ago (I'm such a lurker >.<), but I'm definitely excited about this. I wanted to go to the first one last weekend, but it was just too short notice and I couldn't afford it This time, though, I'm sorted!
  6. Another Collectormania newbie here. I only attended on the Saturday but I had a brilliant time. Me and the Phelps twins.
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