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  1. He was a great guest, took loads of time to take pictures, have a chat and sign multiple things for everyone. Unfortunately I didn't have much time to stay and speak with him but he seemed like a real nice guy and it'd be great if SM could get him as a guest next year!
  2. Love that BTTF print! I started a Harry Potter and a Fantastic Beasts poster, also added to my Game of Thrones, Hobbit and Lord of the Rings(no picture) posters. I also got a few 8x10's signed for other people. I'm a sucker for signed posters Some of the posters are still partly rolled as I didn't want to crumple any of the ends/corners and the Hobbit poster looks real dark as it's a foil poster so pictures don't come out properly unless is specific light. So happy I managed to add BC onto the Hobbit poster and start the Harry Potter poster with John Cleese! Thanking you SM
  3. You've got to remember as well, some people get a lot of autographs over the weekend and may not feel comfortable being in such a crowded venue or even London itself with that much money in their pocket
  4. A few years back it took me till Sunday to get through to RDA on a VQ. I went to get about 2 other VQs first though so if you queue up early and head straight to his table, you shouldn't be too bad. I'd definitely recommend each going straight to the table of who you want as early as possible.
  5. Some behind the scenes Lord of the Rings guests would be awesome. Alan Lee and John Howe would be amazing!
  6. 1. PenThePirate (+ at least 4) 2. Wrong Name (maybe but looking more likely) 3. wjbleming (+1 more than likely) 4. John1980 (solo) 5. Mario (+3, probably) 6. Chrisrus (+1) 7. natedammit (-1) 8. XIII 9.Optimistic-Skye (+1) 10. Kyvire 11. Chazzley (+4) Looking forward to it!
  7. Soo happy with this announcement, was so upset when she cancelled before
  8. Fantastic! Love TCW and Rebels guests and going to have to get something good from Futurama signed as well
  9. That is good to hear! Seems to be a running theme with the Disney Star Wars movies and shows. They got it right with the movies though I'm still annoyed that BB-8 was pretty much made as the new R2.
  10. I started watching Rebels yesterday after I finished TCW and so far the stories are good but I could instantly tell that it was made by Disney which for a Star Wars show I'm not certain is a good thing.
  11. I second what John said, watch the Clone Wars. I just finished watching it today and I have to say it was a fantastic series and they do a really good job and filling in questions that people had about the movies.
  12. Would be awesome to get some of the VA's from Star Wars: The Clone Wars or Rebels TV shows
  13. Does first hand embarrassment count? I was going to say I hope this year there are less bloopers but in all honesty, they make great pub discussions!
  14. Brendan Fraser would be incredible! Loved him in The Mummy and California Man
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