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  1. As someone already mentioned its the 25th anniversary of the X-Files first being broadcast. That, together with the fact that the current 11th season is Gillian's last, what better time to bring Gillian Anderson back and maybe just maybe land Mr Duchovny too? This would attract new fans and old fans alike.
  2. A Stand by Me reunion, my favourite ever film, would be immense, especially with Will Wheaton already announced. Please try and get both Corey Feldman and Jerry O'Connell who have both done conventions before. A group photo would be incredible....As would a group talk. Richard Dreyfuss would also be a great addition to any reunion. Please make it happen Showmasters!
  3. I got to the venue at 11.00 on Friday with the sole intention of getting a low VQT for Christopher Lloyd. It was more in hope than expectation to be honest, but I was pleasantly surprised to get VT 37 and met him a few hours later no problem.
  4. Those photo frames with plaques sound awesome, hopefully somebody knows where to get them. That is half the problem of attending a show like LFCC, if you pack your day with too much often you see these stalls and forget where they are! I don't think the photos are available just yet.
  5. Pretty happy with how my photoshoots with Bill, Sigourney, Chris Lloyd and MJF came out and was thinking about framing options. What do you do with your photos after? Do you buy the jpg and get them framed at a bigger size? Thinking of getting 10 x 8 for my two back to the future ones and putting them in a double frame. Would love to see pics of anyone that has done similar before.
  6. Just interested to know how many people picked up one of the posters or figure sets? I got a poster and purchased a Doc 1985 and Marty 2015 money box. They seemed to have quite a few left on both Friday and Saturday which surprised me as I thought they would sell out quick.
  7. Yes it is a shame that I am sure some will be returning tickets and getting refunds for things like Diamond pass upgrades etc. For me and the other guy who needs a ticket for Lloyd it would make sense to put these aside to be re-sold but I am sure this could be tricky to implement. Maybe worth looking at for next year? I am in the position, as mentioned before, of having a Lloyd Delorean Sunday ticket, which would be of use to someone and I cannot attend anymore. It's a shame this ticket will be going to waste. Oh well, looking forward to it!
  8. Hi, I have a 3 day ticket booked for the event along with various photoshoots which include one for Christopher Lloyd on Sunday with the DeLorean. Due to personal reasons I can now no longer attend on Sunday and don't want to miss out on meeting the Doc. Is there anyway at all I can have a normal photo with him instead on either Friday or Saturday? Clutching at straws a bit I know considering all of his photos have sold out, but if there is anyway this is possible I would be most grateful. It's a shame I cannot exchange this with anyone as I am sure there is someone who wou
  9. The problem with the Ebay listing is this could simply encourage people to think ''There is money to be made here'' when they see listings that are making people about £150 profit. This seems to be the case with the one ending in ten mins.
  10. Forgive me if he has already been suggested, don't really fancy checking 34 pages, but has anyone considered John Williams? Incredibly elusive for most Star Wars Collectors, would fit the criteria in my opinion and has done so many incredible soundtracks for some of the most iconic films ever. Jaws, Indiana Jones, E.T, Jurassic Park, Star Wars to name a few. Would be a great addition!
  11. My only other guess at this point would be J J Abrams. Massive year for Star Wars, a huge name and obviously massive for Star Wars, Star Trek and LOST fans.
  12. My guess is Hugh Jackman. Would certainly be an A lister, is fan friendly and would be someone to add to any multi signed marvel project. Also I recall on the Diamond guest suggestion thread, Jason listed him as a "yes" as a realistic name.
  13. Just need to decide on which size now. Would A1 be too big? Would like plenty of space for sigs.
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