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  1. My photos on facebook. :) https://www.facebook.com/mercuryrapids/media_set?set=a.1076531182402257.1073741866.100001361568823&type=3
  2. No, I ordered tickets. £2.50 charge for recorded delivery. I've printed the email receipt, so will bring that tomorrow. :)
  3. Our tickets for Sunday haven't turned up. Should I print out the confirmation email and show that at the door? Cheers
  4. My pics: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1725066597719284.1073741835.1702118056680805&type=3
  5. I attended on Sunday and only got one autograph this time round. Amanda Tapping was brilliant and gorgeous. :)
  6. I attended in Star Trek clobber, got Amanda Tapping's autograph and had a brill day. :)
  7. Sorry people are being negative about CM22. Sure, the guest list wasn't as strong as recent events and I almost didn't attend (it's a long drive down from Yorkshire :) ), but we came down on Sunday it was great fun and we enjoyed our day immensely. It was my first time cosplaying and I got Amanda Tapping's autograph. Collectormania is my favourite event and I have now attended four times and will continue to do so, as well as Showmasters' other events closer to home (Sheffield etc.). As for paying to get in to CM a little earlier, that's fine by me, as a fiver doesn't exactly break the bank does it? :) Keep up the good work and please accept huge thanks and respect from a very happy Collectormania-er... :)
  8. I'd just like to say thanks to all the guests and staff. My son and I just came down for the Sunday event. We got all the autographs we wanted and had some nice little chats with the stars. Well done to all involved. :) I scared the late-arriving Dominic Keating by pointing and yelling "He's here!"... heh heh... :) Billy Dee Williams seemed subdued. Maybe he's just like that or perhaps he was just tired. It must be hard work sitting there smiling, signing and shaking hands all day. Really. Not being sarcastic. Anyhoo, looking forward to the next Collectormania. :) Have one up here in the North (Leeds, Bradford or Manchester!) p.s. Am I alone in preferring the old set-up around the pitch? The hall seemed very cramped in places. Just thinking out loud... lol Again, thanks.
  9. Ooh, I know who I'd like to see. My big crushes from the 70s and 80s! Valerie Leon (Blood from the Mummy's Tomb & The Spy Who Loved Me) Caroline Munro (Starcrash, Dracula AD1972, The Spy Who Loved Me, The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, 321) Sybil Danning (Battle Beyond the Stars, The Howling 2) Tanya Roberts (The Beastmaster, Sheena: Queen of the Jungle, A View to a Kill)
  10. I probably seem thick asking this, but what if you can't make it for the whole weekend. Can you turn up for just one day and, if so, how much would it cost to get in?
  11. Warwick Davies Jane Goldman Tim Curry
  12. Guests I wanted to meet at this year's Collectormania, but couldn't: Torri Higginson, Spice Williams, Dennis Lawson, Gillian Anderson and Julian Sands. Met John Rhys-Davies, Kenny Baker, Ariana Richards and Christopher Judge, though! :)
  13. Right.. er... hi? My name is Steve, but I'm usually called Merc cos of my usual online username of Mercury Rapids (some books I wrote ages ago and used the title once for my username and it stuck..lol). Anyhoo, I'm an old fogey at 46 (last Wednesday!!) with a 20 year-old autistic son who is awesome. Into loads of sci-fi/horror/general filmy stuff (except for the new Star Treks... don't get me started.... but I digress... I attended my first Collectormania in May and was blown away. Definitely going to the next one, even if it is a bit of a drive down the M1. That's about it really. Got a website at www.mercuryrapids.co.uk and there's stuff to read and gawk at there and links to my Facebook and Twitter pages (don't use Twitter much... I find it confusilating). See you all around, I suppose. - Steve (Merc)
  14. I only met Kenny Baker (legend!), Christopher Judge (Indeed!), John Rhys-Davies (made me sign an autograph for him!!) and Ariana Richards (her smile was hurting :) ). All of them were brilliant. Still giddy and starstruck a week later.. lol
  15. Yep. Looking forward to the long drive down again in November. Gonna stay longer this time... lol :)
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