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  1. Robert Englund signed the exact same quote on the photo we got from him. Upon seeing we'd picked one of Willy (no pun intended) he said "Ah, V fans!" and seemed quite chuffed to be talking about something other than Freddie Kreuger. Christopher Ryan signed my pic of him as Dave Hedgehog with the dedication "From Christopher Ryan AND Dave Hedgehog." Lovely fella, very strange to hear his regular voice as I've never seen him in anything where he didn't have a cockney accent.
  2. We stayed at the Doubletree, really nice hotel and very handy for the convention obviously. Definitely will look to stay there again in future.
  3. Did anyone else see him exchanging autographs with David Prowse? When we got to Kevin's desk he was hugging David Prowse and swapping autos. I guess Kevin was a Star Wars fan as a kid and David loves WWF/WWE. Nice to see though.
  4. Anyone get it yesterday or today? That big feeling of ... I dunno if anti-climax is the word.... but disappointment that's its finished. Back to normality. Its all about the memories now and the looking forward to the next one. We went back to our hotel last night and for about an hour last night I felt gutted it was all over. I also feel sad leaving Milton Keynes as I used to live there between 89-91 and loved the place. Driven home today and now my missus has the same emotions, particularly as shes back to work tomorrow - I am lucky, I'm still on holiday until next Monday. Anyone else feel a bit empty today?
  5. Very quiet but but very polite. He did look tired a lot of the day. We saw him in the lobby of the Doubletree on Saturday night and believe me he looked knackered.
  6. It was cold Friday but generally a lot warmer as the hall got busier Saturday and Sunday. Believe me, the concourse around the stadium where they used to hold it is MUCH colder. Only place it got too cramped too move was in front of some of the VT queues where people were just stopping dead blocking everything but generally it wasn't too cramped. I liked the venue and think just right for the numbers that did turn up. If it had been even bigger crowd we might have been in trouble but generally an amazing weekend all round.
  7. Everyone was friendly, Billy Dee very quiet but polite, Judson Scott the best.
  8. He was polite but didn't say much, I did get a big grin during the photo shoot. Got what I paid for so I'm happy.
  9. Everytime we went outside the stadium to ASDA etc he was always outside smoking and chatting to the fans. He seemed like a nice fella.
  10. By far my favourite guest of the weekend. I'd looked forward to meeting him so he wasn't a disappointment. We met him on Friday afternoon when it was dead quiet and got a photo of him in Wrath of Khan. He was a bit cold and hoping it would get busier, I told him that it would be be better Saturday and Sunday. We spoke to him about Ricardo Montalban, V and a short lived TV show he did called Phoenix. We had a photo shoot with him Saturday and every time I walked by his desk he had a small queue which I was pleased about. I went for another autograph of him on Sunday, this time for my mate, and he remembered me from Friday. He said Saturday was absolutely crazy and very busy which he loved, Sunday he said was "just right." I asked him why he'd switched tables on Sunday - in the morning he started over opposite the hotdog stall but ended up against the arena's right hand wall, he said it was a bit too dark and smelly over in the hot dog area. Top guest and I definitely think he enjoyed attending the event.
  11. I'm meeting him as well, kinda curious to we what sort of a guy he is as heard mixed things. But you know what... its bloody Lando Carlrissian!
  12. Judson Scott, Billy Dee Williams, Christopher Ryan, Kevin Nash, Ray Brooks, Robert Englund
  13. He was also in the best Carry On movie ever.... Abroad!
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