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  1. I can’t see it happening at all unfortunately as things seem to be getting worse. Has anyone had any luck getting refunds? I’ve emailed the shop a couple of times now although I’m sure they are busy with queries.
  2. Reckon its John Travolta, he's been doing a few cons and Electrifying is from Greased Lightning
  3. Yes I agree! Loved how on his photo shoot he just wanted to chat, I was walking off and he was still asking me where am I from. My first photo didn't come out right so I went back and he recognised me and said 'didn't you just come by?'. I told him the photo didn't come out well and he thought it was hilarious.
  4. It’s not mentioned that the second guest is a first time European signer, so presume they have done European cons before which rules out a few guesses here.
  5. Great guest. Met him before and one of the nicest celebs I’ve met. Took time to talk to everyone.
  6. Ted Danson has started doing cons. Would be good if it was him!
  7. Great guest! Was thinking a few weeks ago while watching Doom Patrol if there was any chance of him doing a con.
  8. That’s a shame. Was the only person I had a photo with. Wish I had waited to buy an entry ticket to nearer to the time.
  9. It’s a shame, but I’m sure the guest line up will still be STRONG without him.
  10. Met him before but Great guest and one of my favourite actors.
  11. Because this person isn’t likely to make any other con apprearences I presume they are on the older side otherwise it’s a bold statement to make. Also you would think they would be British to choose a British Con. So would Michael Caine be a possibility? He’s certainly legendary. But I still think it’s Ecclestone, although as I’m not a Doctor Who fan it would be a bit disappointing.
  12. I was originally thinking it had to be Ford (even had a £5 bet with my mate) but starting to think it might not now. I would have thought his auto price would be at least £200-£300 which is quite a big prize to give away for correctly guessing on FB, but maybe SM are feeling generous. The clues do seem to match Ecclestone but I wouldnt have thought it would be a legendary announcement apart for Doctor Who fans.
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