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  1. simonmoriartyreason


    I hope to go on the saturday, if I do I will be cosplaying as Colonel Stars and Stripes from Kick-Ass 2!
  2. simonmoriartyreason

    Photos Thread

    My photos can be found through this link: http://rhyme-and-reason.webnode.com//links-to-photo-galleries/
  3. simonmoriartyreason


    At the moment just one of my friends are also going on Saturday. I will be in a Kick-Ass costume and my friend will be dressed as Defendor (Woody Harrelson)
  4. simonmoriartyreason


    I will be hopefully taking pictures of the event, and will mostly try and get cosplayers. If you see a guy wearing a Kick-Ass costume with a shoulder bag and camera, that will probably be me.
  5. simonmoriartyreason

    Deep Space Nine guest wants

    I'm trying to urge one of my friends to come, he loves DS9! He would probably want John de Lancie AKA Q
  6. simonmoriartyreason


    Well, there's going to be a hit girl there so we'll watch out for you... Ok cool, I will probably be there on the Saturday with a camera.
  7. simonmoriartyreason


    I will probably go as Kick-Ass, but without the proper boots. I repainted them to red for another thing, so I might just use those or plain trainers.
  8. simonmoriartyreason

    Post your photos please.

    All on my website: http://rhyme-and-reason.webnode.com/ You will find the photos under photo gallery -> Collectormania 19 Photoshoots are under Autographs and Photoshoots
  9. simonmoriartyreason

    C19 Show Layout - Updated 10:31 - 23/5/13

    I expect that the dealers area is more undercover than the rest.Kenny is 78 and siting outside for 3 days wont be good for his health I believe he was there last time, I think he was there.
  10. simonmoriartyreason

    Attendee Twitter Accounts

    do we address you Mr. Pig or will Pumba be ok??? Pumba or The Warthog, it was a nickname that has kind of stuck now
  11. simonmoriartyreason

    Attendee Twitter Accounts

  12. simonmoriartyreason


    there are no talks according to the Photoshoot Schedule topic
  13. simonmoriartyreason

    When will I receive my Billie Piper Photo ticket? :)

    this is not to do with the Billie Piper shoot, but if it has not arrived and i have not been contacted, shall i print off and bring in the order sheet thing that says its been viewed?
  14. simonmoriartyreason

    what time

    i mean purchasing photoshoot tickets
  15. simonmoriartyreason

    what time

    is this specifically for autographs or photoshoots as well, or is that the Everyone else queue?