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  1. is there many stalls that sell lego ?
  2. fingers crossed then i might be lucky
  3. yes i mean blu rays :-) movies wraped in steel they are wicked and sell really well to
  4. i wenr to another event and there was not one steelbook that i could see on sale i would if there will be any at CM i really hope so there is a high demand for them fingers crosses or do any of you guys no if there will be a stall that sells them? Edit: please do not mention non SM events on this forum. Thank you.
  5. be good if can organise something for the Sunday? as iam organised for the saturday already
  6. glad i know want door to go to now don't want to get stuck in the 2 big huge ques lol
  7. is anyone coming that collects Disney pins and vinylamtions? and or Disney pixar cars that would like to trade and stuff like that i no its late notice if we cant do it this time maybe in October?
  8. hey all just need a bit of advice, can you predict how busy i guest will be, i ask becasue i what ot met Ariana Richards but iam not sure if i needto be there way before 9 to start queing? or will in be ok for 9? is there one big que or singles ques that fourm out side?
  9. so we have Ariana Richards that i am very excited about but we need Joseph Mazzello this would be so cool to get both? did you try to get him to?
  10. Do you have to pre order or will i be able to get autographs on the day?
  11. weebo1980


    Well i brought what i thought was real posters and they come back as re prints they are nice but i want real ones
  12. weebo1980


    Hey all iam new to the forums and its goo to be here, i was wondering if anyone can remeber what shalls come to collectormania MK that sell movie posters, iam after some old movie posters but not huge ones can anyone help me out? Nicky.
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