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  1. Hi can someone look into auto vouchers. I bought a load ready for the 2015 year and have one left which I was saving towards wlfcc. Will this still be ok for the 2016 events? I only ask as when sold it stated that they were only valid for the 2015 events?!! If they wont be valid for the 2016 events is there any way I could send in my remaining voucher for credit against my LFCC 2016 ticket?
  2. I intend on using my diamond pass for robert at this!
  3. dang ... Sunday again (wish he could come all weekend so everyone can meet him!)
  4. love this schedule ... will head down for around 10 get my autos then head our for a few hours before returning for my photosession ... a very nice relaxed day, plus luckily im off to a gig that night - EPIC!
  5. Hi, unfortunately i can only attend on the Sunday so will be deff missing the talk! I just wondered if the set will be available to view on the Sunday or will it be removed on the Saturday night?
  6. It deffinatly wont be david duchovny as it stated that it was 1st European signing ... David was over a few years ago doping a signing!!
  7. Posters Noah Taylor, Joe Dempsie, Ron Donachie, Joseph Gatt, Roger Ashton-Griffiths Giancarlo Esposito Celina Jade, David Ramsey 8x10’s Lee Arenberg Martin Klebba Karen Allen William Atherton Billy Boyd Gigi Edgley Sean Pertwee
  8. yay only a 30 min train ride then the tram and im so there!!!
  9. I would love the option of more evening events as an added extra, like the GOT commentary or a party (like you did last year at Collectormania MK) I know this would involve another space like a hotel but we can dream! Personally I am loving the instant print at photo shoots, it makes not only the waiting at the end of the day for it to come back from the printers disappear but those 'wish i'd seen it so it could be retaken ' shots be sorted!
  10. Just what may be a silly question, I have bought gold pass tickets for me and my husband, My husband has to work on the Friday, but as im lucky enough to have a half day off I can head to the con. As I paid for both tickets, On a card registered to me, will I be able to pick up his wrist band on the Friday night or do i have to wait until he is with me on the Saturday?
  11. ooo if that would be possible that would be great! I'll drop the office a line. If memory serves me correct the DeLorean was on display the other days when Christopher Lloyd was doing the BTTF shot, but of course that doesn't mean it will be the same for KITT.
  12. Loved her at collectormania last year - brilliant guest very lovely lady!
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