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  1. Film & TV Guests (tot dusver) David Warner Tron ... Hugh Mitchell Harry Potter ... Caroline Munro James Bond ... Casper Van Dien Starship Troopers ... Gethin Anthony Game of Thrones ... Frazer Diamond Star Wars ... Richard Gibson Allo Allo ... Kim Hartman Allo Allo ... Christopher Lambert Highlander ... Dickey Beer Return of the Jedi
  2. Amsterdam Comic Con 2019 Comic Con Amsterdam komt terug naar de Rai op zaterdag 31 Augustus en zondag 1 September! Er zullen weer sterren van TV, Film en comics aanwezig zijn die je kan ontmoeten. Doe photoshoots met de sterren , maak je handtekeningen verzameling compleet of woon de panels bij en stel ze de vragen die je altijd al had willen stellen. Openingstijden Zaterdag van 09:00 tot 18:00 Zondag van 09:00 tot 17:00 Standaardticket € 20,- toegang vanaf 10:00 uur Vroege vogel ticket € 25,- toegang vanaf 09:00 uur Wat betreft gasten en suggesties, deze zijn altijd welkom en die kunnen ook op het forum gezet worden. Garantie kunnen we uiteraard niet geven maar je weet maar nooit :)
  3. Sunday I got two shoots, both batch 1. 10.00u James Caan1 10.15u David Duchovny What time shall i arrive? I thought leaving at 08.30u. (10,min. Walk) I heard that the photosoot without James Caan was delayed this morning on saturday.
  4. That's true. It's disappointed. How can you get a replacement in a few hours? It looks like this was known earlier..
  5. With all those cancellations today, someone must forget to add General Lee.
  6. With all those cancellations today, that wouldn't be an issue. Indeed. And you didn't know this earlier... This is not normal anymore, so many people.
  7. I am sick and tired of this. Three people on one day... What a nightmare! Get DAVID HASSELHOFF instead. He is always available.
  8. Hmmm... Does anybody see any clashes for my shoots? What are my best options? SATURDAY : Peter Weller (batch3) 10:30 AM Shauna MacDonald (batch1) 13:25 PM Nick Castle (batch1) 13:50 PM Peter Weller (batch3) 16:30 PM (optional) William Hope (batch1) 17:40 PM Sam Niell (batch9) 17:50 PM SUNDAY : Val Kilmer (batch2) 09:30 AM James Caan (batch2) 09:55 AM David Duchovny (batch1) 10.10 AM Edward James Olmos (batch2) 13.50 PM Val Kilmer (batch2) 14:55 PM (optional) David Duchovny (batch1) 16.50 PM (optional)
  9. I want to buy some extra shoots, but after i see the final schedule. I want to avoid clashes.
  10. Great guest for me. Is he going to take the place of Megan Fox on the schedule? If yes, this would be great for my planning. I'm just wondering if Gillian Anderson still is going to be announced... For a lot of people i think it's better to say not this year.
  11. I heard that Tom Holland is next weekend in London. Who knows?
  12. Maybe everybody is waiting for an announcement of Gillian and book a duo-shoot. On saturday the photoshoot is batch 9 (maybe higher now).
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