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  1. I think a better way of saying it is just look at the crowds last year compared to this year and last year the main person people went for was Robert Englund who is known for horror movies. On these forums there is no difference, everything is just personal preference as far as who is a big guest and who isnt but outside of this forum, the casual fans certainly spoke loud and clear not only last year but this year too. But of course no one will ever admit that horror is a draw. Horror conventions only exist in America and mainland Europe. They don't exist in the UK because the UK is dominated by television. Television shows such as Game of Thrones and Dr Who which are always represented at events but again people felt something was lacking this year. Maybe it's went the same way as Harry Potter and Star Wars where a lot of people have been there and done it and bought the t shirt....literally. They want something new and different or stars from those shows that have never done a show before or a big reason to do the travelling. I do agree with the Scottish stars thing and the shows like Still Game, that would draw in a very big audience, I think they are set to make over £10 million in ticket sales for their live shows in October. I wouldn't be against things like DVD signings or having musical acts perform and do signings also. Why not open the whole format up completely.
  2. You're a big celebrity now. I'll get your signed 8x10 at the next show.
  3. I think the photos are free, certainly free if you have nothing to get signed. If you want the pictures unsigned I would ask.
  4. You should all asks the guests to record a short video for Brian lol.
  5. Next year. Next year I feel we will have some horror guests. Think of this year as a gap year.
  6. The show is aimed at people who love sci-fi, fantasy tv shows. Which is fine. Maybe next year the show will be for people like myself who like different things. I do think there will be a noticable difference this year in attendance, I just hope it does well. Apparantly last year on the Saturday was the busiest Glasgow has been and I know the two people that most came to see are not part of any TV franchise. I only attended on Sunday. I just as hope it as busy this time round and people have a good time at the show.
  7. The guests this year aren't for us but they will know what the situation is with the turnout this year. I think we know that it will be nowhere like last year but that means for next years show at least there will be definitive proof that horror guests do work, big name guests do work in Glasgow. Good guest list if you like your TV shows though.
  8. you can have my mortgage and my credit card debt as well. Maybe i could use your card to buy things now then. It's not like the old days. These days the debt dies with you so we should spend spend spend and then take selfies in all the shops we go to.
  9. What about American Horror Story stars? Or Under The Dome. Maybe Wes Craven, Gunnar Hansen, some of the Dawn of the Dead stars (original).
  10. Of course not. Crew sign up to worked hard and not given any free time. The satisfaction they get from their back breaking labour is the smiles on all your faces at the end of the day when you leave the venue with your photographs.
  11. You can't talk to him right? So why bother standing in a que? My idea months ago was the best. Have Stan sign several hundred 8x10s before he comes over and then on the day let people go buy one and say a quick hello or a nod of approval, collect your pre signed picture and walk on. That way Stan doesn't have to sit and sign anything.
  12. They love the army over there. You should have went to Texas. " We wanna thank yaw'll for what yaw'll have done for our country and letting us live freely, yaw'll are the true heroes" lol. No no no. What you should have said is, "No, thankyou for all you have done supporting us. We've seen some tough things over there but we're heading back over and like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood we're gonna find the bad guys and put them behind bars where they belong gosh darnit!" You would have had them in tears.
  13. All it takes is a few names to ensure lots of people turn up.
  14. It just depends what happens after September, if nothing happens then that can be done. Even if a day or so before the event they get all the staff and volunteers together and maybe have a day long class somewhere and teach them about the Scottish money and how to recognize them so they know. They could even do role playing and so they can put themselves in the shoes of the fans and keep practicing till they get it right. It might not even take a full day, maybe just 9am till 12pm but as you say it's just educating they need, It's not their fault but we can change that and help them.
  15. I think many guests doing the circuits will look at Stan Lee and realise just how busy it got. Many many people could do a farewell tour of the convention scene in different countries and people would flock because it's the last time. It worked.
  16. No point worry about it now, in just a few short months we most likely will be separate countries and it will be a whole new playing field.
  17. If you die can i have all your money and any belongings you have? It means i can take time off to just sit back and not worry about bills and food.
  18. My way of thinking is always get in to get out, get what you want then leave. Same with real life. Do your job, make as much money as you can then retire.
  19. We wont have this problem when we are independant and have our own money and it will be better than any other currency in the world and they say no one can get into Scotland without a visa so paperwork will need to filed for everyone wanting to come here. All we do is look at the applicants paper, hmmm who's this Anthony Head, what he can do for our economy, how he can he benefit our Utopian society for the 3 days he will be visiting? Then a decision will be made. Back to the good old days.The days when you could leave your front door unlocked at night and people helped each other out.
  20. What will you do with the book once it's been wrecked?
  21. All it takes is one or two big names to turn the show around. I think over the years, especially last year that the horror guests have shown that Glasgow likes horror! People will come to the show and see them lol.
  22. I think what many people need to remember is and I've said it before on here.......the UK people love TV! They love TV shows, it's just the British way isn't it? In America conventions are mainly movie guests and TV is niche and quirky, for years the backbone relied on movie people like actors and directors and cast reunions. In this country it's TV and that means Dr Who and Game of Thrones and the priorities are completely different, which is fine, you cater for your audience and then you throw in Star Wars and Harry Potter. Price families out of the market? It's kind of a dirty little secret it isn't it. No matter where you go it's in the small print. Many people will never understand paying for autographs and you know and I know that if that was advertised and made clear many families would just stay away because it boggles their mind. Many people think that way, why pay someone to write their name? And as someone who has attended shows and is Scottish and gets irritated very easily i have to say......i kind of see their point, and yet i do it myself! I think those waiting for Stan Lee got a big wake up call this year and serves them right. I'm glad Stan Lee took his sweet time. No one should be put under that kind of pressure or have to fulfill the expectations he had to. I'm not a comic book person at all and so never met Stan but that que largely represented what these shows are becoming and what many people want them to end up being. They want as few people as possible in those venues and get as much as they can for themselves. It's all money money money. They don't want people walking in off the street and taking their place, taking their spot in the que that they somehow think they are entitled to. No one is better than anyone, I think those queing for Stan Lee found that out when it dawned on them there's not gonna be any autograph from him and they didn't use common sense and get there early enough. I think Gold Pass members found that out with their privelidges and I think those that have been attending for years and know the script got a big wake up call this year as far as just how popular these shows have become. Of course it could end up like American shows and you have your high prices for autos and photos and high entrance fees and have a hall full of 'collectors'. I think the best way to go is get as many people in the door as possible and turn as many noobies as possible into fans and regular attendees and let everyone fend for themselves. Everyone has a fair chance at everything.
  23. I didn't have a problem in the venue either actually. Here in Scotland we don't really bother about all this Royal Family stuff, it's a bit hokey and so we don't have any Queens on our currency lol. I guess that gives it away right? When they don't see one of the Queen Margarets smiling on the note lol. I'm very confident we will go independent in September. The American and Canadian dollar have a slight difference in value, i'm sure the same will be said for our pound.
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