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  1. I only had one which was Bill Paxton with "Game Over" But because I like to show off, when I met William Shatner at a different event he put "To Boldly Go" on my autograph.
  2. There were two or three when I met him on Friday I went on Sunday and they had none! They had 3 Star Wars pictures and he wan't even in that for long (I know Star Wars is popular but 3 pictures and no pictures from Cheers??)
  3. John Ratzenberger didn't have any pictures from Cheers..
  4. Dumbledore for Gambom, Agent Carter for Atwell, Darth Maul for Ray Park and one for Malcolm McDowell's character in A Clockwork Orange.
  5. How slow would the queue go? Everyone would be taking pictures of them!
  6. He is on my wish list would have loved to have met him! I was a fool not to meet him..
  7. Here's mine that I got in person (not in any order) John Boyega (on a Ep 7 picture!) Chris Evans (the good one) Andy Serkis Henry Cavill Bradley Cooper William Shatner Tom Hiddleston Leonardo DiCaprio Carrie Fisher John Hurt
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