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  1. Peter Parker - Spider-Man 75 - Night of the Goblin - I.E: The one which ended the controversial clone saga, Saw the loss of Peter and MJ's daughter and most importantly sealed Norman Osborn's place as one of the greatest most twisted villains of all time.
  2. Lovely girl, brilliant attitude aswell. Shame we couldn't see her on Friday or Saturday but looking forward to it all the same.
  3. I've got an awesome X-Men Vs Avengers comic (Vol 9) if anyone wants to get that signed. I was having trouble deciding what I wanted signed and ultimately decided on The Night of The Goblin the one comic that marked the end of one of the most rediculous arcs of all time as well as the reintroduction of Spider-Man's ultimate evil nemesis, norman osborne.
  4. There is a drop down menu which is saying what cards are accepted. Is Halifax EasyCash some special kind of Visa/Mastercard? Sorry, I've seen Halifax cash machines before, but I am not familiar with the details of their services. Bless you Queen Sindel. Halifax EasyCash are Visa Electron card but some Payment Processors only recognise it as a simple Cash Card. I'm not sure Showmasters is one of them but I'm just using it as an example. Hope you have a good one.
  5. A Paypal account doesn't actually sound like a bad idea. I'm just wondering if it'd be worth listing the cards that don't work because I know some Payment Services don't use cards like say Halifax EasyCash.
  6. Hey guys I was watching Doctor Who last week catching up on the episodes of the Matt Smith era and something caught my eye (Feel free to insert a "Blink" joke here) and that was one of the most iconic monsters of Moffat's writing "The Weeping Angels". We've never actually had anyone like that as a guest before so I thought I'd look up the name of the one who brings them to life. So I was just wondering if anyone would like to meet her in the Flesh (No pun intended). http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4663679/ She's the one who played Angel Bob & The Angel in the TV Screen in Flesh and Stone & The Time of Angels. She was also the one responsible for sending Rory & Amy back in time in "The Angels Take Manhattan" & to top it off she also played the Time Zombie in Journey to the Heart of the Tardis. She's also set to appear in the Feature Amityville Asylum which sounds pretty awesome. So what does everyone think?
  7. For the record. This is my favourite question ever! Are you asking what the name of the label mate?
  8. Well said. Same deal with the Jenna queue aswell. The Queue was handled really well and I managed to get sorted through very quickly.
  9. If we're talking like US-Canada territory then I'd probably say NYC or Ontario as they've got a huge audience and some really nice people too. If we're talking Europe then I'm gonna say Germany (Frankfurt) because not only is it a beautiful place but also has some great places to stay. If we're talking Asia I suppose I'd be looking at Tokyo. If we're talking Australia my vote is for Perth.
  10. In Boots I believe their Kodak Instant Print machines has the option of a glossy cover. However, that may only apply to selected stores.
  11. Hayden was a pro. She was really polite and went through the queue's like a "Hot knife through butter" (assuming that is the correct metaphor).
  12. lol I'm betting £20 on the guest being David Dechovny and £200 on a server crash due to the immense number of people to find out whether I'm right or not.
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